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AG DAILY: Calf health: Stop Salmonella before it spreads

A calf may have the healthiest gastrointestinal tract and best immune system in the world at birth, but that doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to Salmonella. So where does Salmonella come from, and what can we do to help prevent it?

BROWNFIELD: Chinese economic transition could open markets for american ag

A U.S. feed industry leader (Alltech) says China’s economic transition continues to create opportunities for American farmers.

REAL AGRICULTURE: Keeping an Open Mind on the Future of Bio-Stimulants

Lyndsay Smith speaks with Colin Richardson, Alltech Crop Science, to talk about bio-stimulants, what farmers can expect from product offerings, and, yes, even tackle that oft-used “snake oil” term when we talk about new products.

NAFB: Alltech Ideas Conference Offers Unique Insight

Alltech’s 33rd annual business conference coming up in May will offer producers the chance to bring useful ideas back to the farm. One, the Alltech Ideas Conference, will take place between May 21st through 24th in Lexington, Kentucky. With more than 3,000 attendees representing nearly 80 countries around the world, the conference helps producers find and implement innovative ideas on the farm, according to Alltech brand and species marketing manager Justin Ellis.

NAFB: Gastrointestinal health provides success in cattle, dairy production

Getting calves off to a healthy start can improve productivity and profitability on the farm. By considering gastrointestinal health, producers can prevent or better address animal health problems that may appear. Alltech’s trademark technology Bio-Mos is derived from a specific strain of yeast that helps promote animal performance. Alltech business development manager, Brian Lawless, says establishing a healthy nutrition base with products such as Bio-Mos can help prevent or address challenges.  

FEEDINFO: Behind the Scenes of the Alltech Global Feed Survey

Alltech's global feed survey is, by most accounts, the standard for gauging animal feed consumption worldwide. The numbers are cited everywhere. The United Nations uses them. Private foundations use them. Rabobank uses them. “We even understand that most of our competitors use them,” adds Aidan Connolly, Alltech's Chief Innovation Officer and the leader of the survey project. 

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Alltech Ireland's Country Manager

Summer weekends are spent exhibiting his black cattle across the country and picking up awards regularly in the stock-judging arenas. Cathal’s role in Alltech allows him to explore different aspects of livestock farming.

THE BUSINESS POST: From the farm to your plate

Data is changing the way you eat.

ALL ABOUT FEED: Alltech: "Feed sector is growing and consolidating"

The international feed tonnage has exceeded 1 billion metric tonnes for the first time.

FEEDINFO: Poultry industry must remain attuned to empowered Chinese 'prosumers'

In a special session at the recent IPPE in Atlanta, Alltech's head of Greater China, Dr. Mark Lyons, touched upon a variety of themes related to Chinese animal production, from the trends towards scale and integration to the resource scarcities whose impacts on production operations are likely to grow. However, one of the key messages was on the increased enfranchisement of the Chinese consumer. “I believe there are more prosumers in China than any other market in the world today,” he declaimed.