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FEEDINFO: Alltech Widens Market Presence with Ridley Acquisition

In late April Alltech announced it was purchasing Ridley Inc. for USD 426 million in what will be the company's most transformative acquisition to date. 

POULTRY TECHNOLOGY: Alltech Wants to Bridge The Gap of Research Farms Versus Performance in the Field - Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly, chief innovation officer at Alltech, answers some of the poultry industry's most insightful questions about Alltech's role in innovation including, "Does Alltech have an alternative solution for antibiotics?" "Which new customer segments will emerge in the next five years?" "What are the major findings on poultry from Alltech's Global Feed Survey?" and much more.

DAIRYBUSINESS EAST: Ask Your Milkers About Consistent Communication on the Dairy

How effectively do you, the owner, communicate your goals to with the herdsmen and the rest of the team? Has your team discussed a consistent milking routine? How you communicated teat cleaning procedures to your employees? 

AGWEB: Five Smart Ways to Save Money when Milk Prices Plummet

2015 could be a challenging year to maintain profitability on the dairy. As Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois, stated there are some “golden rules” when it comes to dairy nutrition that should never be broken, even when milk prices plummet.

THE IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: Alltech and Teagasc to bring Chinese Interns to Irish Farms

Alltech has signed a five-year agreement with China Agricultural University (CAU) to bring Chinese students to Ireland for work experience at its Meath HQ and on farms. The animal health and nutrition firm Alltech announced on Thursday that it would welcome up to six students from Beijing's CAU at a time under a new Irish On-Farm Internship programme. The Chinese graduates will work in Alltech’s european headquarters in Dunboyne while underta

PROGRESSIVE CATTLEMAN: Is Your Feed Supplier Double-Checking Your Mineral?

In the last two years, the U.S. beef industry experienced some of the largest recalls on record as Ranch Feeding Corporation announced a recall for 8.7 million pounds of “unwholesome” beef in 2013. 

DAIRYBUSINESS: Milk Prices Dropping: Feed Strategically

The dairy farmers will soon discover that 2015 will be a challenging year to maintain profitability, according to one industry expert. "Milk prices have dropped 30 percent compared to 2014,” said Mike Hutjens, professor of animal sciences emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana. 

DAIRY GLOBAL: Heat Stress: An Increasing Risk for European Cows

As climate change becomes an omnipresent issue in global agriculture, heat stress in Europe will become an increasing issue in, not only the usual areas, such as the Mediterranean and Central Europe but also in more temperate countries like UK, Germany and France.

FISH FARMER: Game Changer

Clients can expect significant improvements in the health and weight of fish - and a strong return on investment - with Alltech's nutritive solutions for the industry. 

WORLD POULTRY: Organic Selenium Boosts Poultry Meat Quality

Faster growing animals require higher antioxidant status to protect the cell membranes and to boost immunity. Adding the antioxidany Seleniu, to the diet of the chicken also benefits the meat quality traits.