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FARMING LIFE: NI beef finishers travel to Meath to view facilities at Kepak Farm

  As part of United Feeds ongoing commitment to maximising performance of beef cattle in Northern Ireland they recently took a group of beef finishers to view the facilities at the Kepak Farm at Clonee in Co Meath before going along to Alltech’s Eurpoean headquarters in Dunboyne. The event provided the visiting group with an opportunity to gauge the latest techniques, where the management of finishing cattle are concerned.

AGDAILY: Alltech wants to see your fine farming photos

Alltech wants to celebrate those picture perfect moments captured in farm life by asking all American farmers, ranchers, and producers to submit and share their farm photos for the opportunity to win one of three trips to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE18) held in Lexington, Kentucky, May 20–23, 2018.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN CANADA: The future of your herd will be determined before the calf is born

"As a dairy producer, ensuring your calves have the best start to life begins before the calf is born. The care and nutrition you provide the cow while her calf is in utero can set that calf up for life," writes Amanda Gehman, Research Project Manager, Alltech.

WATT - PIG INTERNATIONAL: Organic trace minerals: Enhanced stability ensures efficacy

Recent research indicates that when compared to inorganic minerals, the use of chelated minerals has benefits beyond simply enhancing bioavailability, says Richard Murphy, Ph.D., research coordinator, Alltech European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, Ireland.

AGWIRED: Alltech Talks Farm of the Future LIVE

live video event on the future of agriculture and technology with a panel of agribusiness experts discussing and debating their thoughts on the future of the agricultural industry, new consumer demographics and demands, ag technology, big data, nutrigenomics and precision nutrition.

FEED NAVIGATOR: 'If anybody thinks that agriculture is going to be the same in 20 or 30 years they've got their head in the sand'

Alltech debates farming of the future; new technology, precision nutrition, big data and nutrigenomics may be among tools that feed manufactures and animal producers will need to consider as production evolves to meet increasing demands, say experts.  

BROWNFIELD AG NEWS: More Mycotoxins Expected in New Crop Feed

An expert on mycotoxins says farmers will likely have more problems with new crop feed. Alexandra Weaver with Alltech says for corn, “I would still expect the DON (Deoxynivalenol) mycotoxin,

AGWEB: Blockchains Can Be Strongest Link in Food Chain

Seems a little ‘out there’ for most farmers, but blockchains could transform the security, safety and efficiency of our food system.  

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT: Mycotoxins Could Again Be a Problem This Year

Preliminary reports from early corn silage samples this fall suggest mycotoxins could again be a problem this year, says Alexandra Weaver, a mycotoxin technical support specialist with Alltech. Not all infected feed causes problems. But when mycotoxins are present at high levels, cows typically have less milk production, higher cell counts and lower pregnancy rates. 

INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL HEALTH JOURNAL: What Feed Statistics Tell Us about the Health of Animal Production and the World Economy

In a global food chain, inputs such as animal feed reflect the overall health and evolution of both the industry and the economy at large. Changes in the demand for, and pricing of, animal feed reflect trends in consumer preferences, population growth, investment opportunities, economic development, animal husbandry and overall economic circumstances.