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ALL ABOUT FEED: Alltech: More Type A Trichothecenes mycotoxins

If dairy producers thought their corn silage quality was top notch when they packed it away after the 2015 harvest, they may want to check again. Type A Trichothecene mycotoxins are on the rise.

DAIRY BUSINESS EAST: Rumination: Recharge Her Battery After Calving

Feeding, monitoring, formulation and rumination are the four key areas to a successful transition program. The rumination process supplies an important level of buffe, such as bicarbonate and phosphate that have a pivotal role in controlling the rumen pH. 

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: CSI: Cow signals investigation into rumination

Rumination, the cow’s ability to turn food over and over in the stomach in order to digest it, is by far one of the most telling signals the animal has in conveying health status and well-being.

IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: Dawn Meats and Alltech provide opportunities for graduates and undergraduates

Dawn Meats marks an industry first as graduate trainees complete a custom-made UCD management programme, while the winner of Alltech's Young Scientist Competition will get a fully funded PhD. 

FARMING LIFE: Is body condition loss affecting cow fertility?

The main goal for spring-calving dairy producers is to calve their cows with minimal issues to ensure they are primed to go back in calf as soon as possible. Research carried out at University College Dublin (UCD) on the Alltech® yeast technology, YEA-SACC®, has shown benefits in terms of overcoming excessive loss of body condition and subsequent fertility problems.  

FEED NAVIGATOR: Hike in mycotoxin threat for ruminants in US: Alltech

It may be time for US producers to recheck corn silage quality as mycotoxin levels have been increasing since September. North American corn silage samples are continuing to test positive for levels of Type A Trichothecene mycotoxins, or T-2 group mycotoxins, and levels have been increasing, said Max Hawkins, mycotoxin management team nutritionist with Alltech. 

Alltech: What if you could get more from less?

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For more than 20 years, Alltech has been a world leader in supplying organic minerals to the industry and continues to lead the way in terms of published research in the area of mineral nutrition. Published by:

FEED NAVIGATOR: Mycotoxin mitigation in silage one of the objectives of a new alliance for Alltech

Mycotoxin mitigation in silage one of the objectives of a new alliance for Alltech
Silage quality is one of the goals of a new tie-up between Alltech and Rothamsted Research. The overarching aim of the alliance, said Alltech, is the development of sustainable arable and livestock systems with the added value of improving homegrown feed, and improving animal health. 

WATTAGNET.COM: Pig breeder ensures production, meat quality through feed

Pig breeder ensures production, meat quality through feed
Locally sourced grains come with the pitfalls of regional crops conditions. This case study explores how one company maintains its feed quality. 

AGRI-VIEW: See glimpse of obstacles to 2050 challenge

“How to Feed the World: 2050” was the name of a forum hosted in 2009 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. A global population of 9.1 billion people in 2050 will require food production to increase by 70 percent, the organization stated at that forum. The organization also estimated that annual cereal production would need to increase by another 1 billion metric tonnes and meat production would need to increase to a total of 470 million tonnes by 2050.