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The details of a pioneering project to build an artificial salmon gut, in order to improve the digestion of novel feed ingredients, have just been released. Led by scientists at the University of Glasgow, the three-year SalmoSim project will work in collaboration with The Marine Institute and University College Cork (Ireland), Nofima (Norway), Alltech and Marine Harvest.

FEED NAVIGATOR: How is Coppens reducing the fish in, fish out ratio?

At EuroTier 2016, we hear about innovation at fish feed producer, Coppens, five months after global nutrition company, Alltech, acquired it.  The CEO, Patrick Charlton, said the integration of the Dutch fish feed producer has being progressing well. 

AGWIRED: Alltech’s Approach to Future-Proofing Food

Nikki Putnam, registered dietitian nutritionist, explains how producers and food companies can “future-proof”, or meet their bottom line while still being innovative.  Alltech’s Dr. Amanda Gehman shares more about a lifetime approach to antibiotic-free production.

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Are mycotoxins undermining the performance of your pigs?

The presence of between one and 10 different mycotoxins in over 90 per cent of grain samples taken from a recent harvest survey has highlighted this year’s continuing high risk of mycotoxin poisoning.

FEEDINFO: Alltech/ Haier Alliance Marrying Financing with Technical Knowledge is 'Recipe For Success'

Making food production systems safer, greener, and robust enough to feed a population comprising one out of every five humans on the planet is an enormously complex task. It is not simply a question of technological or scientific sophistication.

PODOMATIC: Rural Route Radio - Oct 18, 2016 - Keeping rural areas of America and Ireland vibrant with Neil Keane

How much Government involvement does it take to keep the rural areas of the world alive and vibrant? That is the question pursued today in addition to what the business of farming needs to continue to thrive.

LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER: Some companies talk education. One is building science labs and giving teachers $35,000 to stock them

Business people like to talk about how education should be more rigorous and career-focused. Some just talk about it. Others do something about it. Business organizations such as the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Commerce Lexington have been active partners and advocates for better schools, colleges and universities. Many companies take direct action through grants, scholarships, internships and school partnerships.

FISH FARMING EXPERT: Feed selection for high density recirculation systems

The palatability, performance and pollution characteristics of a feed in high density recirculation systems are critical to the success of the production unit. Intensive freshwater recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) principally have a water treatment system that consists of a solid removal or mechanical filter, a biofilter, a degassing unit and an oxygenation unit.  

WORLD POULTRY: Improve broiler bone strength through nutrition

The incidence of leg weakness and broken bones is a serious problem in the poultry industry worldwide and causes huge economic loss each year. Modern broilers grow three to four times faster than previous generations. How can producers ensure that birds develop adequate bone strength through nutrition?

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Promoting rumen health to maximise beef finishing efficiency

With short-term beef prices looking very unpredictable, there is now a greater need for beef finishers to look inside their own farm gate to drive performance and economic efficiencies. On the positive side, energy prices seem to be relatively good value; however, silage quality seems to be an issue on many farms, writes Richard Dudgeon, beef specialist, Alltech Ireland.