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THE DAIRY NEWS: Итоги 2014 года

Редакция The DairyNews традиционно подводит итоги уходящего года. Как и в прошлом году мы решили выбрать несколько номинаций: событие года, герой года, интервью года, статья года и т.д. 

FARMERS WEEKLY: Low Milk Prices See New Zealand Dairy Farmers Adopt UK Approach

New Zealand dairy farmers have long prided themselves on efficient pasture-based milk production, but some are opting for a more intensive approach. Farmers are facing the pressure of low milk prices and are acutely aware of the high cost of good pasture-growing dairy land.

EOLAS MAGAZINE: China’s Potential for Irish Agriculture

Richard Halleron reflects on a successful trade mission to China and Ireland’s prospects for reaching into its market. The annual statistics relating to China’s dairy sector make for very interesting reading.

REITER REVUE INTERNATIONAL: Mit dem Mut, sein Ding zu machen!

Ein Mann, der selbst nicht reitet, investiert Millionen in das Titlesponsoring der Weltreiterspiele.Ein Enstchei-dung, diebinnen zehn Minuten fiel. Die Überle-gung, auch 2018 Kanada au Bord zu sein, davert higeggen etwas länger. 

FARMING LIFE: Mycotoxins Undermine Performance

Through greater understanding over recent years, it has become clear that conserved forages by their very nature attract mould growth and mycotoxins. 

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT: Monitor For Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins in feedstuffs and complete feeds can present a risk to dairy health and performance, including decreased dry matter intake, lower milk production, slowed growth rate, increased gut health issues and organ damage and a comprised immune response.

HIGH PLAINS JOURNAL: Harvest 2014 More Than Meets The Eye

As harvest season comes to a close with a record-plus year for yields in the books and stored away for feeding, preliminary data conducted by Alltech's 37+ Mycotoxin Analysis Program shows that this year's plentiful harvest may not be a problem-free crop to feed to livestock.

INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL HEALTH JOURNAL: Efficient Monitoring of Antibiotic Use on Pig Farms

Following the limitations on antibiotic use in pig farms across Europe in the late 1990s, it has become crucial to monitor antibiotic use on farms and their microbal status, in order to protect young and growing pigs against infectious diseases. 

DAIRY TODAY: Don’t Let Winter Dysentery Put a Freeze on Your Herd's Milk Production

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As winter begins to set in across the United States, many farmers will need to start thinking about their animals' nutritional requirements. Plummeting winter temperatures may send many dairy operations reconsidering their winter survival tactics and preparing for disease challenges that can come with the change of the seasons.

THE PIG SITE: European Pig Farmers Urged to Prepare for Winter

As the chilly temperatures spread across Europe, pig producers are urged to be vigilant with regard to biosecurity during the cold winter months in order to keep disease at bay.