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AG WEB: MINT Steals BRIC’s Limelight

There’s a new acronym in town. For years, we’ve heard about the growth potential in the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Now, a new set of countries is stealing the limelight. Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey (MINT) hold big potential for ag production and U.S. exports. Why?


One of the most menancing challenges faced by live-stock producers is the presence of molds and mycotoxins in feedstuffs. Production and reproduction probems can be related to the ingestion of feedstuffs contaminatted by mold, molds and mycotoxins, or mycotoxins themselves. 

DAKOTA FARMER: Five Tips to Help Keep Mastitis Away

Keeping dairy cows healthy and protected from the threat of mastitis can be extremely difficult, especially during the summer months. Heat, humidity and other factors can make managing the potential for pathogenic bacteria even more difficult. Here are five top tips to help you keep mastitis away. 

MILLING AND GRAIN: Global Feed Stats - European Statistics

This month's Milling and Grain looks at European statistics - both feed and specifically ruminants. Combining two sources of statistics; regular contributor Alltech and FEFAC, the European Feed Manufacturer's Federation. 

FEEDSTUFFS: Mycotoxins: Cost/Benefits Ratio in Swine Production

Although mycotoxins are now more widely discussed and considered, many producers remain undereducated on the scope of the threat mycotoxins can pose to their animals, as well as the cost/benefit ratio related to precautionary management programs. The likely cost of mycotoxins to pig producers can now be estimated based on more than 30 years of evidence and scientific research.

POULTRY INTERNATIONAL: Irvine's Zimbabwe: Inclusivity Key in African Poultry Sector

Zimbabwe-based integrated poultry company Irvine's Africa has grown from 13 employees in 1957 to now having a presence in 22 countries across Africa, stretching from neighbouring South Africa to Ethopia.  

AGWEB: Will All Livestock Production Be Antibiotic-Free?

Consumer perceptions, retailers and legislation are changing the way livestock are raised in the U.S. Panera Bread and Chipotle have been marketing antibiotic-free meat for some time, and McDonald’s will soon join their ranks. Tyson Foods is also moving towards antibiotic-free. With the Veterinary Feed Directive set to begin implementation in October and take full effect at the end of 2016, producers will need to take additional steps while feeding medications. 

ALLABOUTFEED: Methane Emissions Down, Farm Efficiency Up

Reduction of methane emissions starts with improved efficiency, but how do you identify the profitable opportunities? Software tools are here to help farmers do so, without adding extra costs.  

WATTAGNET.COM: North America wheat shows some mycotoxin contamination

Before the combines hit the fields this fall for harvest, farmers may want to keep a watchful eye on their crop quality. Preliminary testing over the summer months of the 2015 North America wheat crop, conducted by Alltech's 37+ mycotoxin analysis, shows an average 3.2 mycotoxins per sample with Deoxynivalenol (DON) the most predominant.

MIDWEST LIVING: Town Branch Distillery, Lexington

Midwest magazine highlight distilleries along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and explains how Town Branch Distilling is a two for one! The production facility brews Town Branch Burbon and Kentucky-branded beer.