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THE WESTERN PRODUCER: China inspires economic envy - Economic and agricultural transformation creates opportunities for pork exporters.

As China’s population rapidly urbanizes and demands safe, quality food, the government is pushing a reorganization of agriculture toward larger operations and moving livestock away from cities. “It is the biggest transformation that any economy has ever gone through,” said Mark Lyons, Alltech global vice-president and head of its operations in China.

THE SCOTTISH FARMER: Yea-Sacc yeast helps reduce rumen pH

Dairy producers should pay close attention to nutritional requirements during peak lactation to avoid losses in body condition score (BCS) of more than 0.5, which could significantly knock fertility. “Many areas of performance are improving in UK dairy herds, however fertility continues to be an issue and according to industry figures, could be costing the average herd as much as 3.5p per litre," argued Dr Helen Warren, European technical manager for ruminants at Alltech. 

THE BULLVINE: Benefits of Recording and Monitoring Cow Events

On any sized dairy operation there are a multitude of events occurring from the time a calf is born until she leaves the herd. Software programs are available to help manage this task of recording events. The bottom line is no matter how good someone’s memory is it is no substitute for having historic information on animals of all ages that can be easily accessed.

PORK NETWORK: U.S. Producers Still Well-Positioned Globally

Despite challenges, U.S. producers are in a good position to capitalize on efficiencies and market opportunities, says Aidan Connolly, Chief Innovation Officer & Vice President, Corporate Accounts for Alltech, Inc. He visited recently with PORK Network about the global outlook for feed and pork.

MILKUA: How to avoid loss in condition score

Dr Helen Warren, European technical manager for ruminants at Alltech, reminds dairy producers to pay close attention to nutritional requirements during peak lactation, to avoid losses in body condition score (BCS) of more than 0.5, which could significantly knock fertility.

LIVING THE COUNTRY LIFE: Consumer Food Demands

Nikki Putnam is a registered dietician with Alltech, and follows the trends of what consumers are asking for. She says first and foremost, consumers are asking for transparency, and specifically how their food is produced.

CANADIAN POULTRY: Management is key to antibiotic-free production

In November 2016, poultry producers from around the world gathered to hear Erik Helmink, marketing director at HatchTech, share his expertise on antibiotic-free poultry production at EuroTier, the world’s largest livestock production trade fair.

EFEEDLINK: Antibiotic resistance: recognising the need for change

Antibiotic resistance has the potential to become one of the greatest problems of our generation, given the ever increasing rise in bacterial strains that are less and less sensitive to existing treatments. While abuse of antibiotics in humans is probably the major contributor, policy makers have turned the spotlight on agricultural use as a way to control the problem. 

EFEEDLINK: Nan Yang Rising: South East Asian takes over from China as a world agribusiness locomotive

Southeast Asia's 600 million people are taking over from China as the main driver of growing world demand for feed and meat. This can be easily seen in Alltech's Global Feed Survey data.

NATIONAL HOG FARMER: Swine and poultry production gain new recommendations for supplementation with organic minerals

The Federal University of Viçosa in Brazil has launched a new edition of the “Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine.” The new edition verifies, through several studies using Alltech products, the efficiency of organic minerals in the supplementation of monogastric animals.