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WATTAGNET.COM: Yeast cell wall derivatives improve broiler gut health

While the debate rages over what is driving the seemingly inexorable rise of antibiotic-resistant microbes, alternatives to antibiotics and products capable of reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance transfer through the food chain are clearly required. Of the functional ingredients currently in use for microbial control, MOS and MRF are widely used in animal nutrition and have been shown to improve animal performance in a manner similar to antibiotic-like growth promoters.

IRISH EXAMINER: Warning Climate Change Will Spread Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins will become more prevalent in Europe due to climate change, impacting rumen function in cows, says a leading veterinarian. Johanna Fink-Gremmels of Utrecht University said mycotoxins cause a 25% decrease in genetic potential in dairy cows and an annual economic loss globally of several billion euro.

ALLABOUTFEED: Ways to Optimise Rumen Fermentation

The rumen is the most influential site of digestion and microbial fermentation provides much of the energy needed to maintain body condition, pregnancy and lactation. Feeding a live yeast additive can benefit the rumen environment and its microbes. Dr. Helen Warren explains more. 

PROGRESSIVE CATTLEMAN: Feed Verified Helps Producers Confirm Feed Ingredients

To meet the needs of an ever-changing industry, a new online resource has been launched to help producers, feed companies and food brands confirm and verify feed ingredients for certification programs. Where Food Comes From Inc., a firm specializing in third-party verification of food production practices, developed Feed Verified to improve the efficiency of product approval and to help establish transparency within the industry.

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT: Five Feed Strategies for Fertility

Sub-optimal fertility in dairy cattle is a complex, multi-factor problem that cannot be evaluated in isolation of other disorders. Dr. Maurice Boland outlines five feeding strategies for fertility.  

PORK NETWORK: Fine-Tuning a Specialty Product

From Greek yoghurt to the craft beer craze, many brands have succeeded, and the pork industry is no exception to creating and capturing brand trends. Advances in nutrition help Steve Kerns make the most of his genetics. 

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Performance in the Finishing Period

Beef finishers recognise that, in order to maximise animal performance during the finishing period, animals need to adapt to their new environment and diets as quickly as possible.

IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: Irish Dairying Through the Eyes of a Chinese Student

Shi Haitao was one of five Chinese students here in Ireland for the summer, working on dairy farms. The students were all studying agriculture in the China Agricultural University (CAU). They were here on an exchange that was coordinated by CAU and Alltech. They spent a number of weeks at Kildalton and Ballyhaise, followed by some time on Irish family farms.

AQUACULTURE ASIA PACIFIC: DHA in Seafood for Human Health

As a major source of DHA for human health, farmed fish need alternative and sustainable sources of dietary DHA to replace fish oil. Scientific studies emphasise the importance of long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in human health. 

ANIMAL PHARM: Alltech Warns of Clay Mycotoxin Binders

Livestock producers are being made increasingly aware of the need to manage mycotoxins, which can have serious impacts on the performance of animals given contaminated feed.