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PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: DHA-Fortified Milk May Be The Opportunity Our Industry Needs

As a global leader in animal nutrition, it may come as a surprise to some that a dietician nutritionist is a member of the Alltech staff. But Nikki Putnam, who fulfills that role, said it is a very natural fit, denoting healthier animals produce healthier food products. Putnam said DHA is important for brain and eye development in infants and children and also cognitive ability and behavior outcomes in children, as well as being good for heart health.

INTERNATIONAL HATCHERY PRACTICE: Breeder Hens - Getting the Best Performance Using Feed Technology

Breeder hens are perhaps the most valuable animal in the poultry industry and as such, their performance is paramount to not only the economic success of the breeder business, but also how it impacts the production chain through hatcheries and broiler production. Dr. Jules Taylor Pickard, European business director, Alltech, highlights how to get the best performance using feed technology.

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Dry Cow Management for Autumn Calving Cows

In the past, the care and feeding of the dry cow was not high on the list of priorities for many dairy farmers. Dry cows were often neglected and placed on the back foot but, thankfully, today, dry cow management is seen as in integral part of dairy herd management. Sarah Maher, technical support, Alltech Ireland, tells us how to get the best from your dry cow. 

EFEED LINK: Alltech: Of MIKO, 37+ and Broad-based Management

Beyond excellent products, Alltech believes that a broad-based approach to mycotoxin control is the best one to provide the flexibility required to effectively deal with challenges in the field in a simple, cost effective manner. 

KENTUCKY LIVING: The Science of Alltech

Alltech, an innovative Nicholasville-based company, a global biotech leader in producing natural animal health and nutrition products, also has goals to improve human health. 

AG WEB: MINT Steals BRIC’s Limelight

There’s a new acronym in town. For years, we’ve heard about the growth potential in the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Now, a new set of countries is stealing the limelight. Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey (MINT) hold big potential for ag production and U.S. exports. Why?


One of the most menancing challenges faced by live-stock producers is the presence of molds and mycotoxins in feedstuffs. Production and reproduction probems can be related to the ingestion of feedstuffs contaminatted by mold, molds and mycotoxins, or mycotoxins themselves. 

DAKOTA FARMER: Five Tips to Help Keep Mastitis Away

Keeping dairy cows healthy and protected from the threat of mastitis can be extremely difficult, especially during the summer months. Heat, humidity and other factors can make managing the potential for pathogenic bacteria even more difficult. Here are five top tips to help you keep mastitis away. 

FEEDSTUFFS: Mycotoxins: Cost/Benefits Ratio in Swine Production

Although mycotoxins are now more widely discussed and considered, many producers remain undereducated on the scope of the threat mycotoxins can pose to their animals, as well as the cost/benefit ratio related to precautionary management programs. The likely cost of mycotoxins to pig producers can now be estimated based on more than 30 years of evidence and scientific research.

MILLING AND GRAIN: Global Feed Stats - European Statistics

This month's Milling and Grain looks at European statistics - both feed and specifically ruminants. Combining two sources of statistics; regular contributor Alltech and FEFAC, the European Feed Manufacturer's Federation.