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WATTAGNET.COM: Yeast, a Good Choice to Produce Antibiotic-Free Poultry

Intestinal flora management with derivatives of yeast cell wall has advantages for producing antibiotic-free birds. Changing the paradigm of 60 years of using antibiotics in poultry production is quite difficult.

PROGRESSIVE CATTLEMAN: Selenium Deficiency in Beef Cattle

Selenium (Se) was discovered in 1818, but its role in animal nutrition wasn’t understood until the 1950s, when Se was identified as an essential nutrient. Selenium is thought of as a trace or micromineral in beef cattle diets. Beef cattle only require 0.1 parts per million (ppm) of Se in the total diet (not the mineral supplement). Although plants in some parts of the country can contain toxic levels of Se, forages grown in many parts of the country do not contain adequate levels of Se for optimum animal performance.

PROGRESSIVE FORAGE GROWER: Crop Management: How to Improve Crop Quality

Essential for animal health and production, forage quality often receives far less consideration than it deserves. Sufficient animal nutrition is vital for improving gain, increasing milk production, striving for efficient reproduction and enhancing profit. However, forage quality varies greatly among crops and the nutritional needs of animals.

INTERNATIONAL AQUAFEED: More robust and accurate global figures for feed output in 2015

Ask and you shall receive. As global disposable income increases, consumers have developed a palate for protein, and, over the past five years the feed industry has delivered. Results from the 2016 Global Feed Survey released in late January by Alltech estimates international feed tonnage now at 995.50 million metric tonnes, a 1.97 percent increase over last year and a 14 percent increase since Alltech first published Global Feed Survey results in 2011 - but still just 4.5 million tonnes short of the one billion tonne mark. 

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: Alltech Dairy School: 'One Team, One Dream'

More than 200 farmers, nutritionists and industry professionals huddled together at Lambeau Field recently to discuss the latest strategies for successful dairy farming and how to achieve their goals for "One team, One dream" within the industry at Alltech Wisconsin's Dairy School. 

FEEDNAVIGATOR.COM: New Alltech Program May Boost Health, Production of Cattle

Alltech's new feeding program looks to benefit feedlot production for receiving and finishing cattle. The EPNIX program offers an antibiotic-free supplement that can be used when a cow enters a feedlot through to the end of finishing, said Vaughan Holder, Alltech beef specialist.  

FFT.IE: Fáilte Ireland Hosts Inaugural Conference Ambassadors Awards

Fáilte Ireland has honoured 79 ‘Conference Ambassadors’ at its inaugural Conference Ambassador Recognition Awards ceremony at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham on Thursday, 21st January.The candidate selected for Outstanding Contribution to Business Tourism during the Gathering was Dr. Pearse Lyons, Founder and President of Alltech, who chose to host eight international Alltech business events in Ireland during 2013. During that year of The Gathering, Pearse brought a total of 3,000 international delegates to Ireland.

BOVINE VETERINARIAN: Alltech 2015 Harvest Analysis: Test Silage Before Feeding

Inconsistent weather patterns in the past summer wreaked havoc on the 2015 on the North American crop, producing irregularities in plant growth and now putting dairy and beef cattle at high risk for mycotoxin exposure. The annual study surveyed 116 North American corn and silage samples from across the United States and Canada from September to November 2015.  

QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE: Oakey Dairy Protects Against Mycotoxins

The Rosenbergs, who milk 700 Holstein cows through a 32-a-side herringbone on their 1012-hectare farm Silver Leigh, use the purpose designed Alltech product and DHA rural supplied, Mycosorb A+ Pellet to protect their herd health from potentially lethal mycotoxins produced for moulds that are surprisingly often found in feed ingredients including grain and silage.

QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE: Genstock Drives Feedlot Weight Gains

Mark Genrich turned to the experts when he found his cattle weren’t achieving the weight gains he would hope. Genrich, who feeds both trade and export cattle in his accredited 150 head Genstock feedlot at Haden north of Toowoomba, said while his cattle had always performed well, there were gains to be made by fine-tuning the nutrition program. After consulting with Lester Handford at DHA Rural Sales in Toowoomba a ready solution was found in adding Alltech’