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IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: ASA President 'Keane' on Alltech

“In terms of acquisitions as well as organic growth, it is an exciting time to be involved. This transformation has given us new routes to market as well as access to new ideas and technologies from acquired companies.”

BRITISH DAIRYING: Business as usual for Keenan

It was business as usual for feeder wagon manufacturer Keenan who have been taken over by Alltech after falling into administration earlier this year. At an industry briefing last month new Keenan chief executive Robbie Walker explained that production at the company's headquarters in Borris, Co. Carlow, Ireland had restarted and the first Keenan "Green Machine" rolled off the factory floor in April. 

INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL HEALTH JOURNAL: Maximising today's hyperprolific sow requirements requires precision mineral nutrition

Minerals constitute a small portion of the diet, but they are essential for the health, wellbeing and performance of the breeding female. They are involved in many metabolic and endocrine processes within the body and are especially important for reproduction, not only in terms of number of piglets weaned per litter per year, but also in terms of lifetime performance. 

WATTAGNET.COM: New rules reauthorize zinc feed additives in EU

Regulation approves use of zinc feed additives for 10 years, contains several changes from prev​ious authorization. The European Commission recently published new regulations for the reauthorization of zinc feed additives in the European Union (EU). The new regulation approves the use of zinc feed additives for 10 years and contains several changes compared with the previous authorization in relation to placi

FEEDNAVIGATOR.COM: EU lowers top zinc feed additive usage levels

Several amendments have been ushered in under new regulations for the placing of zinc feed additives on the EU market. The Commission published the revised legislation, which approves the use of zinc feed additives for a period of ten years, in the Official Journal of the EU last week. Dr. Gerry Dillon, EU regulatory affairs manager at Alltech, said a significant change in the regulations includes the addition of a new category of zinc feed additive: zinc chelate of protein hydrolysates.    

FEEDSTUFFS: Mannan-rich fractions feasible for antibiotic-free diets

Traditionally, antibiotics have been used in poultry feed at subtherapeutic levels to prevent clinical and subclinical levels of disease such as salmonellosis and necrotic enteritis, leading to improved growth rates and feed efficiencies.

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Adaption period is key to success

As most beef houses are empty at this point, finishers review how cattle have performed over the winter period. The thought process now turns to how and where improvements can be made for the next group. Through our experience and communication with beef producers, invariably most of the comments on where these improvements can be made are during the arrival or adaption period. 

FOOD&DRINK BUSINESS EUROPE: The Co-op Group backs British agriculture and the environment

The Co-op has underlined its strong commitment to British farmers with the launch of a progressive scheme to monitor and manage environmental impact and efficiency amongst its dedicated farming groups. The Co-op Enviro-Map programme will, over the next three years, carry out carbon footprint assessments and biodiversity surveys across six main produce sectors. Data will then be processed to generate individual farm reports that will allow farmers to benchmark performance of their business and make decisions to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: Keenan's sell 100th wagon under Alltech

The open day and sales day held at the Keenan factory on the 29 June was the first official event held since the acquisition of the company by Alltech.  Keenan’s, under new owners Alltech, sold their 100th wagon to a dairy farmer in Tipperary. Robbie Walker, the new CEO at Keenan’s, commente

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: CSI: Cow signals investigation into rumination

Rumination, the cow’s ability to turn food over and over in the stomach in order to digest it, is by far one of the most telling signals the animal has in conveying health status and well-being. However, most dairy producers don’t have time to watch each and every cow “chew it over” after the TMR mixer wagon passes.