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CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Algae Offers Green Way to Boost Nutritional Value of Pet and People Foods

Chicago Tribune pet expert, Steve Dale, analyzes current and future trends in the pet food industry while attending Alltech's 30th Annual International Symposium. Read to discover his takeaways on how Alltech Algae helps to boost the health of both people and pets.   

FEEDSTUFFS: China Taking Center Stage

Feedstuffs highlights China, the home of the world's second-largest economy, and the predictions Alltech's vice president of corporate affairs, Dr. Mark Lyons, has for the country in the future. The article outlines Lyons' presentation at Alltech's 30th Annual International Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky, and asks, will China replace the U.S. as the world's largest economy in the next 10 years? 

BRITISH DAIRYING: Foundations for Dairy Success

To build the future dairy cow, you have to put the foundations in properly, according to Wim Bosma, farm manager at the Edinburgh University Veterinary School Dairy Farm. This article in British Dairying explains how Alltech's Bio-Mos® encourages the development of a healthy rumen lining more capable of absorbing nutrients. 

FEEDSTUFFS: Africa - Continent On The Move

Africa will be home to a quarter of the world's population by 2050 and has a land mass more than three times that of China. In this article, Dr. Mark Lyons, vice president of corporate affairs for Alltech, discussed future opportunities within Africa during the Alltech 30th Annual International Symposium. 


Results from Alltech's 2014 Global Feed Survey are revealed in Aquaculture Asia Pacific. 

FEEDINFO: Predicting the Future of Agriculture - Alltech

FeedInfo published this story after the opening session of Alltech's 30th Annual International Symposium, illustrating the solutions that lie within science, agriculture and nutrition for efficiently feeding nine billion people on the planet by 2050. The piece profiles the presentation given by Dr. Karl Dawson, vice president and chief scientific officer at Alltech. 

ALL ABOUT FEED: Nutrigenomics to Redefine Nutrition

"An emerging discipline, known as nutrigenomics, shows promise of improving animal health and production and developing novel feeding strategies," writes All About Feed. "But can we already profit from this new tool?" Read this article to find out the current developments and future hopes that lie within the fascinating science of nutrigencomics, a major part of Alltech's business in animal nutrition and life sciences. 

FEED NAVIGATOR: Alltech Feed Additive Can Improve Weight Gain in Goats and Sheep Says EFSA

Feed Navigator reports that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved the use of Yea-Sacc® in the feed of goats, sheep and buffaloes to improve their weights. The yeast-based product is a gut flora stabilizer and is currently authorized for use in the diets of horses, cattle for fattening, dairy cows and calves in the EU. 

PORK NETWORK: China’s Road to Prosperity

This article in PORK Network outlines challenges the Chinese swine industry faces, as well as the opportunities that exist for companies to do business in China. It features commentary by Dr. Mark Lyons from the Alltech China Summit. 

ALBERTA BEEF MAGAZINE: John Schooten and Sons Feedyard

Alltech customers, John and Patty Schooten of John Schooten and Sons Feedyard, share their farming success story with Alberta Beef Magazine in this feature. They highlight the benefits of using Alltech's Bio-Mos®, which they say improves their cows' gut health and more.