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LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER: As 2014 World Equestrian Games Begin in France, Alltech Goes 'All Out'

The 2014 Games, which began Aug. 23 and will run through Sept. 7, will see more than 1,000 athletes from a record 74 countries, including 12 that haven't sent participants before, compete for world championship titles. Attendance is expected to top 500,000, according to Fabien Grobon, executive director of the Normandy 2014 organizing committee. Alltech is using its sponsorship of the Games to highlight agriculture and the heroic role farmers play in feeding the world. “…Alltech has turned its pavilion into a celebration of agriculture…”

FEEDSTUFFS: Diet May Reduce Mastitis Risk

A dairy cows diet - especially essential trace minerals - plays a role in minimising mastitis. 

REUTERS: U.S. Farmers Fight Poisonous Wheat Fungus with Cleaning, Waiting

(REUTERS) Dave Wiechert of Nashville, Illinois, does good business most years cleaning seed for farmers in preparation for planting season. But this year, Wiechert is doing big business after harvest: cleaning fungus off wheat so farmers can sell it. The "head scab" fungus can produce vomitoxin, a chemical that is poisonous to humans and livestock when consumed at high levels. This year, soft red winter wheat has been hit badly by the fungus, which develops when it rains during the crop's key growing period.

FEEDSTUFFS: Algae May Replace Fish Oil in Atlantic Salmon Diets

Aquaculture expansion will require the use of alternative lipid sources to maintain performance as well as provide nutritional value to consumers.

DAKOTA FARMER: Alltech Sees 10% Yield Increase

Alltech reports higher yields, quality and feed value due to new biological products for field crops. 

WATT POULTRY USA: Antibiotic-Free Broiler Production Requires a Paradigm Shift

A roundtable discussion, among poultry producers, veterinarians and nutritionists, at Alltech’s International Poultry Forum, examined steps that can be taken to make antibiotic-free poultry production as efficient as possible.

AQUAFEED: Fishmeal and Fish Oil Shortage: Consider Algae

Global aquaculture production continues to flourish while the market is in short supply of fishmeal and fish oil. Feed conversion rates in salmon farming have decreased 30 percent in the past three decades. The emergence of new raw materials calls for a better understanding of the needs for specific amino acids and the protein content of feed that can be reduced.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: Alltech's 30 International Symposium asks 'What If?'

Progressive Dairyman give an overview of what happened at the annual Alltech 30th International Symposium. 

EGG INDUSTRY: Producers Working Toward 500 Eggs at 100 Weeks of Age

A prediction made by a geneticist that by 2050, laying hens would routinely lay 500 saleable eggs by 100 weeks of age with a feed conversion around 1.1 without being molted became one of the discussion points recently at Alltech’s International Poultry Forum. The audience was asked to participate in what was termed a “Yale-style debate”. 

PIG PROGRESS: Helping the Gut Mature by Promoting Enzymes

There are many ways to approach weaning. One can view weaning from the aspect of a new environment for the piglets; piglet stress due to separation from the sow or from the aspect of being exposed to pathogens from other litters. Arguably the best approach to tackle weaning is through nutrition as a radical change of diet occurs.