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IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Performance in the Finishing Period

Beef finishers recognise that, in order to maximise animal performance during the finishing period, animals need to adapt to their new environment and diets as quickly as possible.

IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: Irish Dairying Through the Eyes of a Chinese Student

Shi Haitao was one of five Chinese students here in Ireland for the summer, working on dairy farms. The students were all studying agriculture in the China Agricultural University (CAU). They were here on an exchange that was coordinated by CAU and Alltech. They spent a number of weeks at Kildalton and Ballyhaise, followed by some time on Irish family farms.

AQUACULTURE ASIA PACIFIC: DHA in Seafood for Human Health

As a major source of DHA for human health, farmed fish need alternative and sustainable sources of dietary DHA to replace fish oil. Scientific studies emphasise the importance of long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in human health. 

PROGESSSIVE DAIRYMAN: More Yield Per Acre: Shift in Perspective for Dairy Production

Over the last 50 years, we have seen a decline in the nutrient content of our crops; today’s crops have less protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals compared to those of our grandparents.

FEEDSTUFFS: Not All Protein Sources are Created Equal

In order to reach maximum milk production potential, cows need not only a sufficient amount of protein but a protein that provides the proper amino acid balance. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and the quality of a protein is determined by its balance in term of essential amino acids. Not all protein sources are created equal.

ANIMAL PHARM: Alltech Warns of Clay Mycotoxin Binders

Livestock producers are being made increasingly aware of the need to manage mycotoxins, which can have serious impacts on the performance of animals given contaminated feed.

AQUACULTURE EUROPE: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives of using Marine Microalgae in Fish Farming

The rapid growth of aquaculture brings challenges and entails risks. The role of research is to generate knowledge in order to maintain the quality and ethical standards, which will render this growth economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

LA REVUE DE L'ALIMENTATION ANIMALE: Volailles, porcs et poissons d'élevage au menu

Poultry, pig and aquaculture on the menu at Alltech's 31st annual symposium, which took place in Lexington, Kentucky. Francoise Foucher gives an overview of what each seminar had to offer for pig, poultry and aquaculture producers. 

DRINKS INDUSTRY IRELAND: Alltech Purchase Two Craft Breweries

In a major expansion of its international alcohol division, Alltech, producer of award winning beers and spirits including Kentucky Burbon Barrel Ale and Town Branch Burbon, has aquired a craft brewery in Northern Ireland and another in the UK. 


Kevin Tuck, of animal nutrition firm Alltech, talks to Richard Halleron about what lies ahead for the agri-food sector. The Irish farming and food sectors will meet the growth targets laid down within the Harvest 2020 strategy at a canter, according to Kevin Tuck, Alltech’s managing director for Ireland. “And the same can probably be said for the more recent Foodwise 2025 targets. The real challenge will be ensuring that adequate cash flows are maintained on farms, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the primary production sector,” he says.