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WORLD POULTRY: Seed, Weed and Feed Favoured Over Antibiotics

World Poultry documents the experience of one Scottish broiler grower, Gerard Western, who is using Alltech's "Seed, weed and feed" program to improve bird health, increase profit margins and reduce antibotic dependency. The progam is a collaboration between Alltech UK, St. David's Poultry Veterinary Team and water specialists LMS.

INTERNATIONAL POULTRY PRODUCTION: Common Mycotoxins, Their Interactions & Effects on Poultry Production

International Poultry Production explains Alltech's 37+ Program and how Alltech has used it to survey the various mycotoxin contaminants found in poultry feed, and what their effects are on poultry production.

AGRILAND: Tillage Farmers Must Get Better at Managing Risk

Agriland reports on Alltech's Crop Science Seminar held in Dunboyne, Ireland in June 2014. According to the article, "UCD agronomy specialist Dr. Tom McCabe said that achieving the highest levels of productivity through consistent excellence in crop management remains the key goal for every Irish tillage farmer." The story sheds light on the major challenges facing crop farmers around the world, and what can be done to improve yields. 

HIGH PLAINS JOURNAL: Succession Planning is Critical for Businesses, Farms

As stated in an article by the High Plains Journal, family businesses, family farms and large companies all have to consider how to survive through the next generation. Dean of the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School and friend of Alltech,  Damien McLoughlin, discussed succession planning during a session of the Alltech Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky on May 19.

Alltech to Host Crop Science Seminar in Ireland

Europe's All About Feed announced Alltech's Crop Science Seminar to be held in Ireland on June 26, 2014. The seminar will provide interested parties an opportunity to increase their knowledge on crop production and practices, and allow them to see firsthand the research Alltech Crop Science is currently developing.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Expands Distribution to 25 States

Lexington, Kentucky's main daily newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader featured the announcement that Alltech's Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. has expanded distribution of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale® to Texas, New Mexico, New Hampshire and beyond.

WINE ENTHUSIAST: Rethinking Bourbon Barrels

Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company's Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout® made the Wine Enthusiast website in a roundup about barrel-aged food and drink.  

HOT PRESS MAGAZINE: Whiskey Business

Irish whiskey has a long history and is an important part of Ireland's export economy. Ireland's Hot Press Magazine credits Alltech with helping to pioneer the recent booms of craft beer and Irish whiskey in their "Best of Ireland" edition in the article, "Whiskey Business."

PORK NETWORK: Explore the World of Nutrigenomics

PORK Network discusses the "precision pig of the future" in this article, all about feeding genes for efficiency and profitability through nutrigenomics. 

INTRAFISH: Alltech Targeting Potential South American Aquaculture Partnerships

Intrafish shines the spotlight on the first algae facility to be built in Brazil. Alltech announced it is building a $63 million algae production plant alongside its yeast facility in Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is working to partner with some of the largest aquaculture and pet food companies.