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FARM PROGRESS: 5 Ways to Guard Pigs from PEDV This Winter

Alltech's U.S. swine business manager, Russell Gilliam, outlines ways in which the pork industry can be prepared for the harsh winter season and protect pigs from contracting the deadly Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN CANADA: Fertility is What Gives us Milk

Jack Corless, a ruminant nutritionist specialist for Rumsol Ltd., presented “What if you could break the myth of poor fertility in high-producing dairy cows?” at Alltech’s Global Dairy and Beef Forum in Deauville, France. His insights and research findings are outlined in this article.

WATT: Top 10 Feed Industry Headlines Of 2014

Feed tonnage reports and acquisition announcements ranked high among readers.

FARMING UK: UK Livestock Face Multiple Mycotoxin Threats

Livestock in the UK are facing multiple mycotoxin challenges in the feeds they consume and farmers are being warned to adopt a new approach. That’s according to global animal health and nutrition specialist Alltech, who is able to base its latest mycotoxin management advice on a detailed analysis of more than 5,900 livestock feed samples tested worldwide since 2012.

FARMING LIFE: How to Boost Dry Cow Immunity Levels

Silage analyses from around the country are confirming a significant reduction in the quality of forage available to local dairy farmers this winter.  And according to Alltech ruminant specialist Colm Duffy, this will have major implications regarding the feeding strategies implemented for dairy cows in the run up to calving over the coming weeks.

ALLABOUTFEED: Little Decline in Last Year's Feed Production

Initial analysis of the Global Feed Survey, conducted by Alltech, indicates that global feed tonnage exhibits a slight decline compared to the 2014 survey, weighing in just short of 960 million metric tonnes.

FEEDNAVIGATOR: Feed Industry Outlook for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, FeedNavigator seek out the opinion of manufacturers, suppliers and US and EU trade representatives to determine how next year might play out for the global feed sector.

THE DAIRY NEWS: Итоги 2014 года

Редакция The DairyNews традиционно подводит итоги уходящего года. Как и в прошлом году мы решили выбрать несколько номинаций: событие года, герой года, интервью года, статья года и т.д. 

REITER REVUE INTERNATIONAL: Mit dem Mut, sein Ding zu machen!

Ein Mann, der selbst nicht reitet, investiert Millionen in das Titlesponsoring der Weltreiterspiele.Ein Enstchei-dung, diebinnen zehn Minuten fiel. Die Überle-gung, auch 2018 Kanada au Bord zu sein, davert higeggen etwas länger. 

FARMING LIFE: Mycotoxins Undermine Performance

Through greater understanding over recent years, it has become clear that conserved forages by their very nature attract mould growth and mycotoxins.