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FARMERS WEEKLY: Enriched Eggs: The Appliance of Science

The health benefits of these and other micronutrients are receiving growing attention and, for many years, the pharmaceutical industry has been making the most of some people’s fascination with their “wellbeing”. There are opportunities for egg producers to tap into the market, too, while producing a product that can benefit their hens, as well as consumers.  Indeed, it is believed that the body uses nutrients more efficiently when they are eaten as a food rather than swallowed in a pill.

FEEDNAVIGATOR: Alltech: Bacteria Offer Untapped Potential for Improving Cereal Crop Health

In an exclusing interview with FeedNavigator, Alltech Crop Science expert Robbie Walker, said: 'A healtheir crop isn't just about yield - it's about resistance to disease and nutritional value. If corn is higher in sugar and free of mycotoxins it makes better silage.'

THE FISH SITE: Heterotrophic Algae May Fully Replace Fish Oil in Salmon Feed

Fish oil is an ideal source of omega-3 in salmon feed, but the capacity to produce farmed salmon using fish oil as the main source of omega-3 in feed is limited, if the farmed salmon itself is to remain a rich source of omega-3. This means that the salmon feed industry needs access to large volumes of new ingredients that contain omega-3. Experiments at Nofima have shown that a type of algae known as “heterotrophic algae” can fully replace fish oil in feed used for small salmon.

NORMANDIE MAGAZINE: Alltech Arrive en Normandie

La société américaine Alltech s'est offert une entrée en fanfare en Normandie  en parrainant les Jeux équestres mondiaux FEI AlltechTM. Elle installe une unité à Vire, Emrovit, pour garder le contact avec les éleveurs laitiers.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: Cow-side Investigation: Making Sense of Cow Senses

In the first video of a five-part series about investigating and solving cow management issues, Alltech Dairy Specialist Tom Lorenzen describes how to become aware of and understand the five senses of a cow – field of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT: Feeding DHA Omega-3 Could Benefit Both Health and Reproduction

Seeking to increase the supply of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids in the human diet, scientists are looking at changing feeding management for food-producing animals, thus providing DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) naturally. 

ALLABOUTFEED.NET: Farmers Need to Focus on Rumen Bacteria

Dairy farmers can positively influence cattle health by ensuring the animals have a healthy working rumen. This means you have to create a good environment for the rumen bacteria. This was said at the Alltech’s Global Dairy and Beef forum in Deauville, France.

FEEDINFO: Alltech Opens New Office in Paraguay

Within the framework of Alltech's expansion plans for Latin America, the company recently opened a new office in Paraguay, marking a total of 14 offices, nine manufacturing facilities, four distributors and 1,028 employees in the region.

BOVINE VETERINARIAN: Lameness Surveillance: Consider Cow Comfort Audits

Lameness is one of the most important economic and welfare concerns in the cattle industry today and a condition every veterinarian must be deliberate in identifying and treating.

AGWIRED.COM: Dinner Discussion Turns to Crop Quality at Alltech Conference

One of the highlights of the annual conferences Alltech puts on is the dinner discussions portion of the program. At the most recent Alltech Global Dairy & Beef Conference in Deauville, France, Chuck caught up with Robert Walker, Alltech’s Crop Science Division, who led a discussion dinner on crop yields and quality of crop yields.