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FEED NAVIGATOR: 'If anybody thinks that agriculture is going to be the same in 20 or 30 years they've got their head in the sand'

Alltech debates farming of the future; new technology, precision nutrition, big data and nutrigenomics may be among tools that feed manufactures and animal producers will need to consider as production evolves to meet increasing demands, say experts.  

AGWIRED: Alltech Talks Farm of the Future LIVE

live video event on the future of agriculture and technology with a panel of agribusiness experts discussing and debating their thoughts on the future of the agricultural industry, new consumer demographics and demands, ag technology, big data, nutrigenomics and precision nutrition.

AGWEB: Blockchains Can Be Strongest Link in Food Chain

Seems a little ‘out there’ for most farmers, but blockchains could transform the security, safety and efficiency of our food system.  

BROWNFIELD AG NEWS: More Mycotoxins Expected in New Crop Feed

An expert on mycotoxins says farmers will likely have more problems with new crop feed. Alexandra Weaver with Alltech says for corn, “I would still expect the DON (Deoxynivalenol) mycotoxin,

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT: Mycotoxins Could Again Be a Problem This Year

Preliminary reports from early corn silage samples this fall suggest mycotoxins could again be a problem this year, says Alexandra Weaver, a mycotoxin technical support specialist with Alltech. Not all infected feed causes problems. But when mycotoxins are present at high levels, cows typically have less milk production, higher cell counts and lower pregnancy rates. 

INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL HEALTH JOURNAL: What Feed Statistics Tell Us about the Health of Animal Production and the World Economy

In a global food chain, inputs such as animal feed reflect the overall health and evolution of both the industry and the economy at large. Changes in the demand for, and pricing of, animal feed reflect trends in consumer preferences, population growth, investment opportunities, economic development, animal husbandry and overall economic circumstances.

AGGRAD: Ultimate Ag internship Episode 007: Alltech

Taylor Kennedy is in Nicholasville, Kentucky visiting Alltech and interviewing employees for the Ultimate Ag Internship Vlog.

DAIRY NEWS AUSTRALIA – Bigger Not Always Better in Canada

Bigger isn’t necessarily better for Canadian dairy farmer Cregg Nicoll, who is constantly assessing his farm in a bid to find the optimal number of cows and maximise production from them.

AGDAILY - Alltech launches Hope After Harvey, sends team to rope cattle

Global animal health leader Alltech believes the Lone Star State should not stand alone in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s deluge. To deliver relief specifically to Texas’ farm and ranch community, Alltech is launching Hope After Harvey.

DAIRY NEWS NEW ZEALAND – High Production Cows Milked Three Times A Day

Dairy farmer Alex Huisman is no stranger to milking three times a day. However, he fine-tuned the process, adding a third milking for 84 high production cows from his herd of 150 head.