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THE SCOTTISH FARMER: Calf land rearing big style

Heifer rearing may not be perceived as the most important sector of dairy farming, but it is critical for those aiming to calve at two years of age. Patsy Hunter, The Scottish Farmer, travels to the Bos Family's Dairy Farm as part of an Alltech/Keenan trip.

THE SCOTTISH FARMER: Reducing the risk of mycotoxins

Louise Clarke, South-West Technical Manager at Alltech UK, says Silage remains the cheapest option for winter feed, however it's critical that grass is harvested and ensiled properly, to ensure production of a high-quality feed that presents a low risk of mycotoxin contamination.

WATT 100 - Precision Poultry Nutrition

Improved genetics will offer broiler producers growth opportunities, but technological developments will guide a holistic management approach. Aidan Connolly, Chief Innoavtion Officer, Alltech, discusses the future of poultry nutrition as part of WATT Global Media's 100-year anniversary series.

FEED NAVIGATOR: Alltech looks to China for new production facility site, aquaculture research

Alltech has signed an understanding with a Chinese conglomerate after a delegation visit to pursue aquaculture research, says VP.

INTRAFISH: Alltech signs MoU with Chinese feed producer

Alltech signed a memorandum of understanding (Mou) with Chinese feed giant Guangdong Evergreen this month to carry out research into sustainable aquaculture.

EFEEDLINK: Total replacement of inorganic trace minerals as a sustainable approach

Alltech's total replacement technology approach shows that inorganic trace minerals (zinc, copper, manganese and selenium) can be rendered in organic forms - and in lower concentrations at that, which should be good for the environment. (Pages 22-23)

FEED NAVIGATOR: Improved efficiency, agricultural sustainability: AgTech trends in the US

Data tracking, aquaculture and insect production offer some areas for agricultural technology investments moving forward, says David Hunt, CEO of the agricultural technology company Cainthus, at ONE: The Alltech Idea's Conference.

THE SCOTTISH FARMER: Gearing up for carbon-free farming

Fair Oaks’ flagship farm in Indiana is able to convert cow manure into methane to power dairies and, in turn, produce compressed natural gas (CNG) with which to fuel the company’s fleet of 42 CNG powered tractor trailers. 

AGWIRED: Disrupt, Don’t Fear New Ideas in Beef Production

Interview with Dr. Vaughn Holder, Research Project Manager, Beef Nutrition, Alltech, from ONE: The Alltech Idea's Conference regarding research in the beef industry.

THE SCOTTISH FARMER: Future of farming lies with algae

Speaking at the Alltech ONE conference in Kentucky, Sasha Tozzi, Algae Technical Manager, Alltech, told the 3000+ delegates attending from more than 70 countries, that algae is gaining momentum throughout the world as it is able to provide a highly sustainable source of DHA compared to global fisheries which are already struggling.