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QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE: Genstock Drives Feedlot Weight Gains

Mark Genrich turned to the experts when he found his cattle weren’t achieving the weight gains he would hope. Genrich, who feeds both trade and export cattle in his accredited 150 head Genstock feedlot at Haden north of Toowoomba, said while his cattle had always performed well, there were gains to be made by fine-tuning the nutrition program. After consulting with Lester Handford at DHA Rural Sales in Toowoomba a ready solution was found in adding Alltech’

WATTAGNET.COM: 7 Most Popular Agribusiness Companies of 2015 had more than 20,000 unique searches in 2015 for different countries, industry issues and agribusiness companies, among other terms. Seven pig, poultry and animal feed companies from around the world were among the top 100 most-searched-for terms on WATTAgNet over the course of the year. The fourth-ranked, top-searched agribusiness company in 2015 was Alltech. 

PETFOODINDUSTRY.COM: Controlling Pet Gut Health using Specialty Feed Ingredients

A recent review of scientific trials highlights the usefulness of certain pet food formulation ingredients for gut health. The gut is more than a place for digestion—it is a major point of contact for the immune system, stimulating correct responses for the control of pathogens from the environment that have been consumed. 

COWSMOPOLITAN: Taking Measures to Tackle Climate Change

Nearly half the dairy farmers in the UK believe that taking measures to tackle climate change will add costs to their business, writes Chris Harris. However, a recent independent survey of dairy farmers conducted for the on-farm environmental and carbon assessment company Alltech E-CO2 showed that three quarters felt it was important to take action to reduce GHG emissions.

THE POULTRY SITE: Expert Spotlight on Chinese Layer Industry

The 2015 Egg week, conducted by both Big Dutchman and Alltech, was successfully able to bring together layer industry leaders and global professionals from around the world in three designated areas in China.

WATTAGNET.COM: Alltech to Produce Optigen II in Australia for First Time

Alltech will produce its feed additive Optigen II in Australia for the first time with an expanded production facility in Forbes, New South Wales. Optigen II is a safe and traceable non-protein nitrogen source that can help dairy and beef farmers increase yield. Optigen II is a controlled-release technology designed to provide a safe, concentrated source of ruminally degradable protein. 

FEEDSTUFFS: Ridley Cuts Ribbon on New HQ

Ridley Inc. president and chief executive officer Steve VanRoekel and local city officials cut the ribbon Dec. 18 on the feed company's new headquarters in downtown Mankato, Minn. The Ridley Tower comprises five floors totaling 50,000 sq. ft. The new facility has more usable area than their former location in Mankato and provides improved space for training and conferences, according to the announcement.

IRISH PUBS GLOBAL: Highlights of the Year: Alltech

One of the biggest highlights during 2015 for Alltech on the beverage side of the business was the acquisition of Cumberland Breweries Ltd. This expansion provided us with brewing facilities in Newry, Northern Ireland and in Great Corby, Cumbria, England and represented the first step outside of the USA, brewing for the first time in Ireland. With a capacity to produce 40,000 hectolitres, the two new breweries added several new brands, including Finn Lager and Foxes Rock Ale, to the growing Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company portfolio.

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Sustainable Dairy and Beef Production

Ireland’s commitment to significantly increasing its milk and beef production over the next five years seems to contradict the parallel goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. “The key to achieving both of these targets simultaneously is to improve the production efficiency, and thereby the profitability, of every dairy and beef farm in the country,” says Kevin Tuck, managing director at the Alltech European Bioscience Centre. “

FEED MANAGEMENT: Yeast cell wall derivatives improve broiler gut health

Given the ever-increasing rise in bacterial strains that are less and less sensitive to existing treatments, antibiotic resistance has the potential to become one of the greatest problems of our generation. While abuse of antibiotics in humans is probably the major contributor, policymakers have turned the spotlight on agricultural use as a way to control the problem.