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POULTRY FORTUNE: Alltech Special Feature

"Alltechicans" are curious, creative and ambitious and part of a dynamic team, says Dr. Aoife Lyons. 

WATTAGNET.COM: Long-Term Effect of Reduced AGP Usage -- A Worldview

This article highlights findings of Alltech's 2014 Global Feed Survey, and the results of the livestock industry's push to remove antibiotic growth promoters. The survey focused on the 59 countries where restrictions exist or are likely to be implemented, including 28 from the European Union and the top seven countries in terms of livestock production. 

FEED & GRAIN: Agriculture Takes on the Challenge to Feed the Multitudes

A few decades ago, 'sustainability' was considered a foreign word in ag circles -- now agriculture is seen as a leader in the movement. This special report by Laura Fernandez highlights Alltech's role in feeding the world sustainably, and features an interview with Aidan Connolly, CIO, on how Alltech is helping producers around the world increase their efficiency. "The idea of being sustainable and having a strategy is going to be a must for all agribusinesses. This will not be a choice," he said. 

WTVQ-TV ABC 36 LEXINGTON: Kentucky Honey Barrel Ale

Alltech's Kentucky Honey Barrel Ale seasonal brew continues to stir up buzz around the nation. The following clip aired by WTVQ-TV (ABC36 in Lexington, KY), features Alltech Master Brewer Ken Lee, Lexington beekeeper Richard Hosey and Kentucky state apiarist Tammy Horn illustrating just how the tantalizing new beer is produced locally in Kentucky. 

FEEDNAVIGATOR: Producers Told to Stay on High Alert to Deal with Mycotoxin Challenge

Mycotoxins are posing a very real threat to livestock in the UK, with higher adulteration levels noted year on year, says Alltech.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN CANADA: Fertility is What Gives us Milk

Jack Corless, a ruminant nutritionist specialist for Rumsol Ltd., presented “What if you could break the myth of poor fertility in high-producing dairy cows?” at Alltech’s Global Dairy and Beef Forum in Deauville, France. His insights and research findings are outlined in this article.

FARM PROGRESS: 5 Ways to Guard Pigs from PEDV This Winter

Alltech's U.S. swine business manager, Russell Gilliam, outlines ways in which the pork industry can be prepared for the harsh winter season and protect pigs from contracting the deadly Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus.

WATT: Top 10 Feed Industry Headlines Of 2014

Feed tonnage reports and acquisition announcements ranked high among readers.

ALLABOUTFEED: Little Decline in Last Year's Feed Production

Initial analysis of the Global Feed Survey, conducted by Alltech, indicates that global feed tonnage exhibits a slight decline compared to the 2014 survey, weighing in just short of 960 million metric tonnes.

FARMING UK: UK Livestock Face Multiple Mycotoxin Threats

Livestock in the UK are facing multiple mycotoxin challenges in the feeds they consume and farmers are being warned to adopt a new approach. That’s according to global animal health and nutrition specialist Alltech, who is able to base its latest mycotoxin management advice on a detailed analysis of more than 5,900 livestock feed samples tested worldwide since 2012.