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FEEDSTUFFS: How Will You Connect To Your 49?

Farmers from across the globe, no matter their style of farming or type of end product, size of operation or amount of income, are all in the same business: farming. David Butler put this in perspective at the Alltech Global Beef & Dairy meetings during my trip to Normandy, France, earlier this year.

BUSINESSANDFINANCE: The Rise of a Man with a Passion for Yeast

Anna Murphy profiles Dr. Pearse Lyons who has made an outstanding contribution to science and industry for over thirty years. 

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: Cow-Side Investigation, Part 4: Milking Equipment and Milkability

In the fourth video of a five-part series about investigating and solving cow management issues, Alltech Dairy Specialist Tom Lorenzen describes how milking ability can be affected by the equipment or employees.

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT: Parlor Efficiency Starts in Freestalls, Holding Pen

Milking parlor efficiency starts long before the cows enter the parlor, according to Tom Lorenzen, Alltech on-farm support technician. Every dairy farmer needs to “stop, look and listen” to their cows.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: Cow-Side Investigation, Part 3: Parlor Efficiency

In the third video of a five-part series about investigating and solving cow management issues, Alltech Dairy Specialist Tom Lorenzen describes the best ways to increase efficiency in the parlor to improve cow flow and eliminate stress.

ALLABOUTFEED: China's Engagement with African Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the sectors of great interest to China, as this sector is very important for Africa and a true driver for economic growth as many African countries are viewed as fast-growing markets Chinese investment in African countries has increased some thirty fold in the past ten years. There are an estimated 800 Chinese corporations doing business in Africa. Investments mostly cover the development of agriculture research satations, farms, fisheries, people (technical assistance and expertise) and research projects. 

INTERNATIONAL AQUA FEED: Microalgae - A Sea of Opportunities for Aquaculture Industry

Algae, a buzzword in the biofuel industry a few years ago and a diverse group of simple organisms, are the new game changer in the animal feed industry.

AGRILAND: Getting Purchased Cattle Off to the Best Possible Start

With the autumn sales starting to gather pace and expecting to peak over the next 4-6 weeks, there is strong demand for cattle and good prices are being paid. And according to Alltech’s Colm Duffy, this is making it increasingly important to keep animals healthy and thriving.

FEEDSTUFFS: Swine Researchers Review Trace Mineral Sources

Pigs require trace mineral supplements in their diets to achieve optimal growth and health. However, feeding supplements that aren’t easily digested can cause pigs to excrete excess minerals, which may reduce profits and also increase pollution to the environment. Research from the University of Illinois may help swine producers decide which trace mineral supplements are best for their pigs.

FARMERS WEEKLY: Enriched Eggs: The Appliance of Science

The health benefits of these and other micronutrients are receiving growing attention and, for many years, the pharmaceutical industry has been making the most of some people’s fascination with their “wellbeing”. There are opportunities for egg producers to tap into the market, too, while producing a product that can benefit their hens, as well as consumers.  Indeed, it is believed that the body uses nutrients more efficiently when they are eaten as a food rather than swallowed in a pill.