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INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL HEALTH JOURNAL: Efficient Monitoring of Antibiotic Use on Pig Farms

Following the limitations on antibiotic use in pig farms across Europe in the late 1990s, it has become crucial to monitor antibiotic use on farms and their microbal status, in order to protect young and growing pigs against infectious diseases. 

DAIRY TODAY: Don’t Let Winter Dysentery Put a Freeze on Your Herd's Milk Production

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As winter begins to set in across the United States, many farmers will need to start thinking about their animals' nutritional requirements. Plummeting winter temperatures may send many dairy operations reconsidering their winter survival tactics and preparing for disease challenges that can come with the change of the seasons.

THE PIG SITE: European Pig Farmers Urged to Prepare for Winter

As the chilly temperatures spread across Europe, pig producers are urged to be vigilant with regard to biosecurity during the cold winter months in order to keep disease at bay.

WATT PETFOOD INDUSTRY: Finding New Sources for Omega-3s in Petfood

Fish-raised ingredients have long been a staple in petfoods because they're a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Alltech Inc. has invested US$200 million to develop a heterotrophic algae production facility in Winchester, Kentucky USA. Terrence O'Keefe, content director of agri-business for Watt Global Media recently toured the plant.

AGRILAND: Doing Business in China – It’s All About Presence on the Ground

Irish agri-businesses wanting to develop opportunities in China must have a presence on the ground, according to Alltech Director Mark Lyons. Speaking to Agriland at a reception hosted by Ireland’s Ambassador to China Paul Kavanagh and the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Minister Simon Coveney, for Chinese agri-food leaders, the Alltech representative also pointed to the extremely fast moving pace at which the various business sectors within China are developing.

FEEDINFO: Alltech's Mycotoxin Management Laboratory Gains Global Accreditation

Alltech's Mycotoxin Management Program captured another victory this week for its extensive mycotoxin inspection program. The Analytical Services Laboratory of Alltech, Inc. has been awarded ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation, an international standard that recognizes the competence of testing laboratories. 

FARMERS GUARDIAN: Multiple Mycotoxins a Real Threat to UK Dairy Cattle

Ever-present in our environment and a potential threat to the health and productivity of even the best-run dairy herds, mycotoxins produced by moulds in feed ingredients should now be on every herd manager’s radar.  According to Nick Adams, leader of Alltech’s global mycotoxin management team, these moulds are likely to be responsible for numerous undiagnosed health issues in UK dairy cattle, even when growing or harvesting conditions are reasonable.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Farms Embrace Probiotics, Oregano in Move to Antibiotic-Free Meat

A growing shift among U.S. restaurants and food companies toward meat produced without antibiotics is prompting farmers to embrace unconventional treatments to help poultry and livestock fend off disease. "Companies are saying that is not a lot of time, and want to see a full program implemented right away," said Aidan Connolly, chief innovation officer for Alltech, which develops feed supplements for poultry, hogs, cattle and other animals using yeasts, sugars and enzymes.

FEEDNAVIGATOR: Genetics, Welfare and Nutrition Touted as the Way to Higher Milk Yields in China

Animal nutrition firm, Alltech, says its tie-up with Nestlé on an educational initiative for China’s dairy sector is trying to improve the environmental profile of the dairy sector there but is primarily aimed at lowering feed costs and boosting milk yields.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: Cow-Side Investigation, Part 5: The Milking Routine and Milkability

In the final video of a five-part series about investigating and solving cow management issues, Alltech Dairy Specialist Tom Lorenzen describes how milking ability can be affected by employees and routine.