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AGWIRED: Alltech REBELation Brings Together World On Food Issues

Alltech's Dr. Mark Lyons speaks to AgWired about the Alltech REBELation Symposium, which hosted more than 3,000 attendees from around the world in Lexington, Kentucky in May. He also speaks on the outlook of the agriculture business in China and how the country's ag industry leaders are switching to a consumption-based model, therefore opening up many opportunities for U.S. food producers to tap into the country's vast market.

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT: Five Areas Of Focus For Optimal Milk Quality

This article notes that "the average case of subclinical mastitis costs a farmer $184 with two-thirds of that due to loss in milk production." Multiply that cost for an entire herd, and you are looking at some serious profit losses. Roger Scaletti, of Alltech Mineral Technical Management Support, provides five areas of focus for optimal udder health and milk quality in order to minimize the threat of mastitis and profit loss.

ALLABOUTFEED: Holistic Approach to Multiple Mycotoxin Challenge

Livestock around the world continue to face a multiple mycotoxin challenge in the feed they consume, and farmers must respond by taking a more holistic, risk assessment-based approach to managing the contamination threat. Nick Adams, global director, Alltech mycotoxin management team, explains that a risk assessment on farm level is therefore pivotal. 

RURAL NEWS: New Technologies Need to Pump Up Protection

Can we get 32,000kg of milk out of a cow per annum? Could we achieve 200kg of beef gain in 200 days? Those questions were asked by Alltech Chief Innovation Officer, Aidan Connolly, at the company's REBELation international conference.  

WATTAGNET.COM: Antibiotic-Free Broiler Production Is Sustainable

At the Alltech REBELation Symposium, Dr. David Wicker, live operations vice president, Fieldale Farms, challenges broiler company managers to develop a can-do attitude about antibiotic free-production. He speaks on how it can be sustainable, doable and humane. "It starts out right here in this room," he said. "We have to change a lot of thinking." 

HIGH PLAINS JOURNAL: 'Pulse Of The Planet' Transpired in Kentucky

Journalist Trent Loos, who attended the Alltech REBELation Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky, calls the event the 'pulse of the planet,' and heralds the tremendous opportunity it provided to learn about the world's agriculture from representatives from 87 different countries. 

DAIRY NEWS: China Stops Buying, Prices Crumble

The Chinese bought a one year supply of milk powder from world markets and then suddenly stopped buying. Alltech Chief Innovation Officer, Aidan Connolly, states that it is having a dramatic effect on prices in China, New Zealand and the rest of the world. 

PORK NETWORK: Mycotoxins - The Hidden Profit Robber

Based on samples sent to the Alltech 37+ analytical services lab from September 2014 to March 2015, it was determined that 95.5 percent of all finished swine feeds from the United States contain two or more mycotoxins, which are harmful for pig health. Learn how to prevent mycotoxin contamination in feed and through the use of Alltech's recommended practices and products.

FEEDINFO: Alltech Widens Market Presence with Ridley Acquisition

In late April Alltech announced it was purchasing Ridley Inc. for USD 426 million in what will be the company's most transformative acquisition to date. 

POULTRY TECHNOLOGY: Alltech Wants to Bridge The Gap of Research Farms Versus Performance in the Field - Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly, chief innovation officer at Alltech, answers some of the poultry industry's most insightful questions about Alltech's role in innovation including, "Does Alltech have an alternative solution for antibiotics?" "Which new customer segments will emerge in the next five years?" "What are the major findings on poultry from Alltech's Global Feed Survey?" and much more.