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IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: Keenan's sell 100th wagon under Alltech

The open day and sales day held at the Keenan factory on the 29 June was the first official event held since the acquisition of the company by Alltech.  Keenan’s, under new owners Alltech, sold their 100th wagon to a dairy farmer in Tipperary. Robbie Walker, the new CEO at Keenan’s, commente

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: CSI: Cow signals investigation into rumination

Rumination, the cow’s ability to turn food over and over in the stomach in order to digest it, is by far one of the most telling signals the animal has in conveying health status and well-being. However, most dairy producers don’t have time to watch each and every cow “chew it over” after the TMR mixer wagon passes.

NATIONAL HOG FARMER: Massively changing China: What you should know

One word repeatedly used to describe China is change. Mark Lyons, Alltech global vice president and head of greater China, says “China is changing as fast as it ever has even though the economic growth might not be as fast.” Yet, China swine business is a global opportunity. Lyons, speaking at the Alltech One Conference, outlines key economic conditions presently occurring in China. Living in the country, he provides an inside viewpoint.

FEED NAVIGATOR: No let up expected in aqua feed M&A activity: PwC

We caught up with Christopher Nolan, managing director, global deals origination at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who recently spoke at Alltech's ONE conference, to hear about his views on amalgamation of the global feed sector. 

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Keenan on track for a bright future

Keenan, an Alltech company, is delighted to announce that it is all systems go for the future. Alltech is a leading global biotechnology company with a mission to improve animal health and performance.

FARM BUSINESS: Co-op shows commitment to British agriculture and the environment

The Co-op has underlined its strong commitment to British farmers today (23rd June) with the launch of a progressive scheme to monitor and manage environmental impact and efficiency amongst its dedicated farming groups. The Co-op Enviro-Map programme will be carried out in collaboration with agri-environment specialists Alltech E-CO2 using data collection and analysis models adapted for online entry. Carbon footprinting models developed by Alltech E-CO2 are certified by the Carbon Trust and conform to the internationally recognised PAS 2050 methodology.

FEED NAVIGATOR: The Silk Road beckons as China's feed operations expand

The amalgamation of feed mills in China is accelerating at a much quicker pace than expected, says an industry observer. "The consolidation in the Chinese feed sector has been quite dramatic in recent years . In 2010, there were nearly 11,000 feed manufacturers operating in China compared to 2005 when this figure was over 15,500 feed mills."

FARMING LIFE: Keep pig profits from melting this summer

Stress has major implications on the animal’s overall health, and with the summer heat approaching comes a perfect storm for stress. Pork producers not only have to worry about the normal sorting, loading and hauling stress on their herd, but they also have to address the additional challenges from heat stress.

IRISH EXAMINER: Agriculture is where energy industry was in 1970s, and must act

Farmers came away from One: The Alltech Ideas Conference wondering how much they really knew about their dairy and beef cattle, having listened to Irishman David Hunt and Canadian Jay Johnston. The secret world of cattle was one of a host of features at One, the annual conference in Alltech’s home town of Lexington, Kentucky, always a forward-looking event which features a strong Irish element.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN: Who’s on your dairy’s roster?

Just like many other industries, agriculture has transformed over the past few decades. Not only is it changing, but it is changing at a very rapid pace. Today, the dairy landscape has changed completely. Globalization, volatile milk prices, efficiency strategies, “fine tuning,” managing employees and many other challenges have been added to the dairy producer’s daily docket.