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IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: The last 10 years of supermarkets as we know it

According to the chief innovation officer at Alltech, we are now witnessing the last 10 years of the retailer as we know it. Aidan Connolly was speaking at the ASA conference in Kilkenny on Friday and said from talking to people over the last number of years this is the “big thing” he has noticed. The way consumers engage with food is changing.

IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL: Listen: introducing the prosumer

Aidan Connolly presented the idea of the prosumer to the ASA annual conference in Kilkenny on Friday.

IRISH FARMERS MONTHLY: Getting the dry period right for autumn calving cows

In the past, the care and feeding of the dry cow was not high on the list of priorities for many dairy farmers. Dry cows were often neglected and placed on the back foot but thankfully, today, dry cow management is seen as an integral part of dairy herd management, writes April Higgins, technical adviser, Alltech Ireland. 

FEED NAVIGATOR: Consolidation, genetics and nutrition improved the Chinese dairy industry, is the focus now on beef?

A focus on improving genetics and nutrition has grown the dairy industry in China, but efforts have lagged in beef production, says Ian Lahiffe of Alltech China. He believes that will change soon.

FISH UPDATE: New tool to probe poor digestion

THE link between inefficient digestion and intestinal microbes is the focus of a new study, to be conducted by the University of Glasgow and the Norwegian research institute Nofima, along  with industry partners Marine Harvest and nutrition specialist Alltech. Intestinal microbes are known to play a central role in how fish metabolise and harvest energy from feed, and greater understanding of these processes could improve growth in salmon.

FARMING LIFE: Dairy farmers should be alert to signs of compromised rumen function

As diets change to reflect grazing availability, dairy farmers are being urged to look out for the warning signs of compromised rumen function that can lower feed efficiency and overall production performance.

NATIONAL HOG FARMER: Transitioning to antibiotic-free pig production: Change your expectations

“Globally, regulators are concerned and increasingly putting legislation and restrictions in place and have already done so in 47 countries around the world,” says Aidan Connolly, chief innovation officer at Alltech. “Whether agriculture feels this is its responsibility or not, it is clear that agriculture is in the crosshairs of legislators who find this politically easier to tackle, perhaps, than human-mediated resistance.”

AGRITRADENEWS: Alltech sets out its Keenan stall

Global animal feed and additive manufacturer Alltech bought the Keenan diet feeder equipment business from the receiver earlier this year as it believes the business fits with its ethos and has considerable commercial potential, says Robert Walker, recently appointed as Keenan’s new chief executive.

FARMERS WEEKLY: Let the dung do the talking

To produce milk efficiently, it is vital the cow is able to extract as much as possible from its diet. Good rumen health is fundamental to achieve this and producers will see a benefit by ensuring the ration promotes a healthy rumen, says Alltech regional ruminant manager Siwan Howatson. 

THE SUNDAY BUSINESS POST: Building a global business

"People don't remember what you say, they remember what you did for them"  Pearse Lyons may be Ireland’s secret billionaire, but in Kentucky, everyone knows the Alltech founder who, at 72, still has bags of enthusiasm for growing his global business.