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Discussion Dinners

Dairy Discussion Dinners:

  • Dairy 1: Farm Management and IT unplugged
  • Dairy 2: Milk Quotas and the Global supply equation
  • Dairy 3: Feed efficiency and TMR management challenges
  • Dairy 4: Reproductive management
  • Dairy 5: Calf nutrition and replacement heifers
  • Dairy 6: Forage management: Crop technology and improved yields
  • Dairy 7: Manejo Reproductivo *Spanish*
  • Dairy 8: Qual è la chiave per un allevamento sostenibile e redditizio? *Italian*

Beef Discussion Dinners:

  • Beef 1: Overcoming market forces -  Scale up or add value conundrum
  • Beef 2: Genomics and building for the future
  • Beef 3: Routes to efficiency and profitability in a more sustainable way