Horses Inside Out

    Watch this video of the Horses Inside Out team painting the fascinating digestive system on a very patient and willing volunteer.

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    Alltech have been providing solutions to the equine world since our inception in 1980. Now, 32 years later our technologies can be found in horse feeds and horse supplements spanning the four continents of the world. We have fed champions on the racetrack, in Olympic arenas and smallholdings alike – all with equal care.

    Our expertise began with yeast. Yea-Sacc®1026 from Alltech was the first yeast approved for use in horses by the EU and the FDA. Other products such as Bio-Mos®, with its proven immune modulation response and our ongoing research with DHA from Algae continue to strengthen our expertise in this area. We undertake work with leading research institutions around the world, as well as in our in-house equine centre in Kentucky which was launched in 2009.

    Horses Inside Out

    Horses Inside Out

    Alltech have partnered with innovative UK Company “Horses Inside Out” and its founder Gillian Higgins. Together the two companies will tour various horse shows and events around the world and perform painting demonstrations to educate the horse public about the muscular skeletal and digestive system of the horse.

    Through a better understanding of how the horse works we can learn how best to improve their condition and performance.

    Using water-based paints Gillian and her team spend up to 6 hours preparing the horse – horses must be fully clipped-out to give the perfect canvas for the demonstration. In colder climates we must provide a solarium to keep the clipped horse warm and comfortable. A steady supply of hay to munch on ensures that our horsey models are content throughout the process. The results are truly fascinating as we get a chance to virtually look inside our equine companions to better understand what makes them tick.