The Dairy Experts

    Sylvie Andrieu

    Sylvie Andrieu - European Ruminant Technical Manager, Alltech Europe
    Sylvie Andrieu received her MSc in Agronomy at Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon (currently AgroParisTech) in France with a specialisation in Animal Productions in 1992. Since then, Sylvie has pursued a career in the animal feed production industry where she rapidly focussed on ruminant production. Working with all links of the feed industry chain allowed her to gain experience in areas such as research and technical support to both nutritionists in the feed industry and farmers. Currently she is European Ruminant Technical Manager for Alltech in Europe. As such, she is providing technical support internally and to key accounts as well as managing the research program for practical application of the Alltech product ranges in providing innovative solutions for health improvement and performances in ruminant species.


    Judith Capper

    Judith Capper - Adjunct Professor, Washington State University, United States
    Adjunct Professor of Animal Science, Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University, USA Born in the UK, Prof. Judith Capper undertook her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Harper Adams University College in the UK before doing post-doctoral research at Cornell University, USA. Her current research and outreach work focuses on modelling the environmental impact of livestock production systems. Research projects include comparisons of historical and modern production practices in dairy and beef industries; and the effect of technology use and management practices upon environmental impact. Prof. Capper has an active social media presence and spends a considerable amount of time de-bunking some of the more commonly-heard myths relating to resource use and the environmental impact of livestock production.


    Dr. Helen Warren

    Dr. Helen Warren - Solutions Deployment Team, Alltech Europe
    Dr. Warren achieved her primary degree in Animal Science from Aberystwyth University, Wales in 1999, followed by her PhD from the Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences at Bristol University. She is a member of the British Society of Animal Science, a qualified lecturer and a registered Animal Scientist. Previous employment has included lecturing at Nottingham Trent University and Bicton College. She currently works as a Technical Co-ordinator for Alltech in both ruminants and horses, involving initiating European research projects, as well as delivering nutritional education and technical sales support.



    Bruce Woodacre

    Bruce Woodacre - Knowledge Management, United Kingdom
    After graduating from Christ's College Cambridge in Animal Science, Bruce Woodacre spent more than 30 years in the dairy industry and in the animal feed business. During this period, he has been working in many areas of the world with experience in the European Union, Russia and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United States and Canada. Bruce Woodacre now works as an independent consultant all over the world for leading companies in feed production and for large dairy farms. His main areas of expertise are dairy production and beef production. His expertise in animal nutrition is predominantly focused on the management and feed business level:

    • Dairy cow nutrition and management featuring "Cow – centric management“ – a unique holistic approach to cow management which puts the cow first
    • Beef Nutrition and Management
    • Ruminant Feed Industry Strategy
    • Feed Sales Training
    • Knowledge Management and Technology Transfer