Efficiency = Profitability + Sustainability


Efficiency, Profitability, Sustainability


Dairy producers in Europe tell about their experiences on the farm.

E=P+S is a programme designed by Alltech® to help increase your on farm efficiency and thereby your profitability in a more sustainable way.

E=P+S is designed for farmers who want to work with Alltech, to become more profitable, by improving their efficiency while also becoming more sustainable in responding to consumer demand. Alltech have already engaged in this programme with numerous dairy operations across the globe through highly developed, consultative technical support operations. Many farmers have seen for themselves the significant gains that can be made towards increasing profitability by working with Alltech.

Alltech has been working with E-CO2* to develop the Dairy ‘What If?’ Tool that will help identify key opportunities for improvement on farm and highlight how the implementation of Alltech’s solutions helps increase profitability while reducing environmental footprint.

Register your interest in the E=P+S programme and receive a free on farm assessment.

*E-CO2 is an environmental business specialising in agriculture, accredited by the Carbon Trust to the PAS 2050 carbon footprinting standard. E-CO2 has pioneered the use of on farm environmental measurement tools and provides a range of services to individual farmers, processers and retailers, helping create efficient and profitable farms across all sectors. The environmental company also develops tools and applications with farmers in mind and understand the challenges facing the whole supply chain. E-CO2 has farming at its core and is able to deliver straight forward and practical advice to help improve the environmental performance of farmers, processers and retailers which will ensure a sustainable future for agriculture.


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