Jan 13

The Challenges for Making Algae Production Economically Feasible

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People have been studying algae as a potential source of renewable fuel for years now. The potential for algae is great, and not just for fuel. Algae can be used in the production of animal feed. It is being explored as a substitute for fishmeal in aquaculture feeds. Replacing fishmeal can help the aquaculture industry grow into a truly sustainable form of agriculture.


Jan 10

Excited About the Potential for Algae: Fuels, Feed, Food...

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Why is Pearse Lyons Excited About Algae? ...Biodiversity!

Algae are very diverse: structurally, functionally, and chemically. No one knows exactly how many species exist but there are undoubtedly hundreds of thousands. Structurally they range from giant kelp (which can grow to 65 meters long) to single-celled microalgae.


Jan 03

Aidan Connolly on Alltech's mini-MBA

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Aidan Connolly on Alltech mini-MBA




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