Jun 15

A New Silent Green Revolution

A New Silent Green Revolution Osler Desouzart

Can we meet the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population? How does this challenge relate to industrial agriculture, science and technology, and sustainability?  Osler Desouzart of OD Consulting raised these questions and more during the poultry breakout session at Alltech’s recent symposium.  In his presentation, Desouzart provided facts about food consumption and emphasized the need for a “new silent green revolution.”

Desouzarts facts regarding the world’s changing population and food consumption included:


Jun 05

The Future of Milk - Paul Campbell, Fonterra

The Future of Milk - Paul Campbell, Fonterra
June is Dairy Month, the perfect time to consider the future of milk. Fonterra’s Paul Campbell explored this very topic during the dairy session at Alltech’s recent Symposium. In his presentation, Campbell gave attendees an overview of his company, Fonterra, and its perspective on the present and future milk market.


Jul 12

Environmentally Friendly Printing with Lynn Imaging's Monster Color

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Alltech Blog Post Alltech Blog Post

Following is a guest post by Joanne Underwood, Senior Account Executive at Lynn Imaging's Monster Color. If you have ever attended Alltech Symposium, you can appreciate the vibrant printing created by Lynn Imaging.



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