Mar 15

Animal Agriculture Allies at IPE

Animal Agriculture Allies at IPE Kay Johnson Smith President Animal Ag Alliance

Livestock producers are under attack. Activist groups like the Humane Society of the United States and PETA are actively working to erode public opinion of animal agriculture and meat, milk and egg consumption. Furthermore, they lobby for additional regulations that will drive up food prices. Similar efforts in Europe have resulted in higher food prices. However, consumer preferences have not changed. The end result is increased importation and a loss of food security.


Jan 30

Why is Agriculture Growing?

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Why is Agriculture Growing?

Many industries are still struggling to bounce back from the economic downturn of 2008. The agriculture industry seems to be experiencing real growth. Of course there are some sectors that are still depressed but overall things are looking up.

In this short video Pearse Lyons provides his thoughts on agriculture’s recent upturn.


Jan 26

Pathway to Poultry Profits

Pathway to Poultry Profits Dr. Lyons speaking at the Alltech Breakfast Meeting at IPE

Alltech’s Annual Breakfast Meeting at the International Poultry Expo is a chance for members of the poultry industry to sit down together and discuss the most important events from the previous year and trends that they will face in the future.


Jan 24

Alltech Student Manuscript Award Presented at IPE

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Alltech Student Manuscript Award Presented at IPE Leonel Mejia

Each year at the International Poultry Expo we present our Alltech Student Manuscript Award. This year’s winner is Leonel Mejia, who studies poultry science at Missisippi State University. The title of his paper is, “Dietary influence of digestible lysine concentration on Cobb 500 hen broiler breeder reproductive performance." Leonel received a trophy and a $500 cash prize.



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