Jun 18

Achieving an exceptional FCR: Tegel Foods

Achieving an exceptional FCR: Tegel Foods Dr. Bill Williams

New Zealand’s Tegel Foods Ltd has a 50-year history as a high quality producer of poultry.  The company is involved in all components of the poultry supply chain, from feedmills to distribution, and is known for their chickens’ low feed conversion ratio (FCR).  During Alltech’s recent Symposium, Tegel’s Bill Williams explained how his company achieves its low FCR.


Jun 15

A New Silent Green Revolution

A New Silent Green Revolution Osler Desouzart

Can we meet the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population? How does this challenge relate to industrial agriculture, science and technology, and sustainability?  Osler Desouzart of OD Consulting raised these questions and more during the poultry breakout session at Alltech’s recent symposium.  In his presentation, Desouzart provided facts about food consumption and emphasized the need for a “new silent green revolution.”

Desouzarts facts regarding the world’s changing population and food consumption included:


May 03

Predicting Pathogenicity of Mycotoxin Combinations

Predicting Pathogenicity of Mycotoxin Combinations Simon M. Shane
Dr. S. Haladi of Alltech Canada, in conjunction with scientists at the University of Guelph, Ontario, has introduced a toxicity index to quantify the predicted pathogenicity of combinations of mycotoxins which may be present in feed.


Mar 15

Global Tonnage of Animal Feed

Alltech Blog Post Alltech Blog Post

Alltech's Global Feed Summary

Aidan Connolly, VP of Alltech describes the Global Feed Summary that Alltech conducted during 2011 and released early in 2012.

Last year Aidan Connolly asked colleagues in Alltech's offices worldwide to help create a report on the global tonnage of animal feed produced. With offices and distributors in 128 countries he was able to put together a very comprehensive summary. That's not to say that it was easy. Data was collected from thousands of feed mills and manufacturers and compiled into totals for species, countries and regions.



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