Aug 06

Genetic evolution and breeder nutrition

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Genetic evolution and breeder nutrition Dr. Carlos Borges

According to Dr. Carlos Borges, genetic evolution must be accompanied by nutritional adjustments in broiler breeders. Research that once seemed unviable, such as investigating diet formulations for male breeders, is justified today.

Research has confirmed that organic minerals improve performance and immunity in breeders and their progeny. Protein consumption (g/h/day) strongly influences male breeders in terms of size, sperm quality and fertility.


Aug 06

Focusing on different concepts

Categories: Animal Nutrition, Poultry
Focusing on different concepts Dr. Gonzalo González Mateos

Dr. Gonzalo González Mateos

Dr. Gonzalo González Mateos - EN

The Alltech Technical Poultry Roundtable started this morning with a great talk from Dr. Gonzalo González Mateos, from Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. Professor Mateos emphasized that poultry production is changing very rapidly and the industry needs to adapt to this situation. Amino acids, feed conversion ratio and energy are still very important but we should focus on another areas now. 


Jul 02

Not Just What You Feed, But When You Feed

Not Just What You Feed, But When You Feed Dr. Peter Ferket

According to NC State’s Dr. Peter Ferket, when you feed an animal is just as important as what you feed it. During the poultry breakout session at Alltech’s symposium, Ferket explained how this concept can produce quality poultry.

Ferket explained that poultry traits can be influenced via programmed nutrition, which refers to the timed delivery of key nutrients early in an animal’s life.  The timing of nutrient delivery can affect the genes expressed in the animal.


Jun 18

Achieving an exceptional FCR: Tegel Foods

Achieving an exceptional FCR: Tegel Foods Dr. Bill Williams

New Zealand’s Tegel Foods Ltd has a 50-year history as a high quality producer of poultry.  The company is involved in all components of the poultry supply chain, from feedmills to distribution, and is known for their chickens’ low feed conversion ratio (FCR).  During Alltech’s recent Symposium, Tegel’s Bill Williams explained how his company achieves its low FCR.



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