You're Doing It Wrong: Social Media

Written by: Calah Ford

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Feb 05
You're Doing It Wrong: Social Media

In today’s technologically driven world, it’s all but impossible to avoid the social media buzz words. Surprisingly though, most companies are missing the point. Social media is effective because it allows for a push and pull strategy in place of the traditional push methods. Because of this shift, using social media platforms as a new outlet for old techniques has proven ineffective.  

With a few simple tweaks, you can breathe new life into your social marketing strategy and reap the benefits promised by the hype.

You might be doing it wrong if...

  • Social media is your soapbox.
    When companies take the ‘social’ out of social media, they’ve changed a conversation into a lecture. Consumers are mostly interested in how information is relevant to them. Start a conversation by asking questions, crowd sourcing user-generated pictures or videos, getting consumers to interact with each other, and building a community
  • Everything is perfect. 
    Social media isn't about forming a tailored, corporate message, it’s about fostering the human touch. Consistency and branding are powerful and essential tools, but they can also be an instant turn off. Instead of creating elaborate campaigns, simply keep followers and friends updated on developments they may be interested in and ask for their opinions and ideas.
  • You're not listening. 
    It can’t be emphasized enough: social media should be a conversation. If no one is following, friending, or listening to a company, odds are it’s because the company stopped listening first. Social media works best when you simply start a conversation, then listen to see where users take it and interact along the way.

Just a Start

These common missteps only scratch the surface of ways companies can miss the full marketing potential of social media. What strategies have you found to be effective? What doesn’t work? 

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