You Are What Your Food Ate

Written by: Calah Ford

Apr 22
You Are What Your Food Ate

The Alltech Arena was abuzz with third-graders this Friday for the Ag Adventures Farm Field Day, an annual field trip where students from around the county are invited to come learn about agriculture.  While cycling through stations, children learned about everything from how to milk a cow to farm safety and beyond.

At this year’s event, Alltech reminded students that where their food comes from is just as important as what their food is. Through an open discussion, the children explored what they thought would happen if the meat they ate had been raised on potato chips and chocolate, and realized the importance of animal nutrition.  Alltech went on to explain that the world is expected to increase to 8 billion people by the year 2020.  With one billion extra mouths to feed, we’ll need everyone’s help to feed the world.  Whether children want to be farmers, marketers, accountants, or nutritionists, there’s a place for them in agribusiness.

Participating in this field day is just one way Alltech is committed to telling the story of agriculture and driving the industry forward.  Alltech is also hosting GLIMPSE 2020: The 29th Annual International Symposium, May 19-22, in Lexington, Ky. Agribusiness professionals from around the world will convene in downtown Lexington to address the issues agriculture will face in the next seven years.  Early registration rates are available until April 25.  To learn more, please visit

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