What Will Be Different About Pig Production In 2020?

Jun 21
What Will Be Different About Pig Production In 2020? Marie Lewis presents during the Programs Not Products session.

Looking at one product to fix our challenges will be a thing of the past. If you added a product for each challenge your animal faced you would be looking at a very expensive diet. Especially when you take into account the never ending challenge that is high feed costs. One thing that was realized in the Monogastric Programs not Products session at Alltech’s recent Symposium, was that tomorrow’s farmer will need more than just another product, they will need solutions and added value services that address the many obstacles that stand in their way.

Marie Lewis asked the question, “Are microbiota our friends or our foes?” She emphasized the need to make them our friends. Microbes are important to expanding specific areas of the immune system and they have the ability to turn off and on certain genes in the host.

“Price of pigs and cost of feed is second to productivity and efficiency,” Tony Edwards stated in his talk during the Symposium. He explained how feed efficiency is just one of the parameters needed to optimize profitable and sustainable production.

Where are we headed? Gonzalo Mateos believes 2020 will be dominated by value added products and low cost production. Consumer demand is driving us in that direction. Health status, management and nutrition will be the key to reaching these demands.

Mike Brumm talked about the pig of the future and what we need to consider about that pig. “We will need innovative housing systems to meet performance of the future. We will have to be able to answer food safety concerns. We have to be ready for the future, which is all about technology like the using the iPhone on farm to store data which will be at our finger tips.” These are just some of the points Mike discussed about the 2020 pig.

Potential. That is one of the big things you could take away from this session. There is huge potential in pig production, and it will play a major role in meeting the demands and needs of 2020.

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