We Need To Open Our Fences - Cámara Argentina de Feedlot - Working For Argentinian Feedlot Operators

Nov 03
Alltech's Global 500 - Mike Hutjens from the University of Illinois

Rodrigo Troncoso of Cámara Argentina de Feedlot spoke during the Global Beef 500 session on Feedlot perspective in Argentina vs. the world's: Strategies to reduce the environmental impact. Troncoso described some of the economic factors that moved beef production from Argentina's Pampas to feedlots. Devaluation of the Argentine peso led to increasing corn prices and therefore, grain production displaced cattle grazing resulting in a shift to feedlot production.

The Cámara Argentina de Feedlot is a non-profit beef industry association formed in 1997 by a group of cattle producers struggling to modernize production and comply with environmental and regulatory requirements. The organization's mission is to represent cattle producers on regulatory issues and to communicate the concerns of the feedlot industry.

Feedlot operators in Argentina are struggling with many of the same issues that are facing producers throughout the world: increasingly strict environmental regulations and land use issues resulting from residential encroachment into rural areas. According to Troncoso, Argentine feedlot operators need to communicate with their neighbors and regulators.

We need to open our fences - we are responsible to let people know what we are doing. If they don't know what we are doing it is not their fault, it is our fault.

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