We are Proud to be Farmers

Jun 20
We are Proud to be Farmers

We went to visit SAT Doroña, a farm created by merging three family farms about 10 years ago.

José Ramón is the manager (center) and is in charge of the farm work. Suso (right) looks after the daily milking, in addition to caring for the health and reproductive status of their herd. Ricardo (left) takes care of animal nutrition and helps Suso in daily milking chores. They have a total of 270 animals of which 136 are dairy cows. They work on 80 hectares devoted to forage production, mostly corn for silage.

“The upkeep of our farm takes a lot of time and effort” said Ricardo. “You have to try it to understand how hard it is”, added Suso. The three of them underscored the fact that in the early days of the farm neighbours who were retiring helped them  by donating some of their land with no thought of profit.

The three farmers are devoted to agricultural activities thanks to the knowledge and values passed down to them by their parents and grandparents. Despite current issues their short-term goal is doubling the number of dairy cows. “It is essential to be motivated to grow but we are limited by the land we have”, said José Ramón.

“WE ARE PROUD TO BE FARMERS” exclaimed the members of SAT Doroña.

From left to right: Ricardo, José, Suso

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