We Are in the Human Health Business

Written by: Ann Kopecky

Categories: Alltech Symposium
May 24
We Are in the Human Health Business

We are in the human health business - that was the core message behind Dr. Patrick Wall’s presentation at the Alltech Symposium closing session. The former veterinarian, medical doctor, businessman, and European Food Safety Authority chairman said the curtain hasn’t fallen on food scares and that every day we see a chronology of food scares and recalls show up in the media.

“Your jobs are so important. If something goes wrong in the food chain, the repercussions are huge. Everything an animal eats, so do we,” Wall said. “It takes millions of dollars and years to build a brand, but can take a few seconds to destroy it.”

Wall said the problem with the food chain is that that we have convinced the consumer that it’s a straight line from farm to fork; however there is a major disconnect between the final consumer and modern agricultural. Instead, Wall said every agricultural corporation needs to develop a fully integrated risk-based system.

“We have the fundamental goal to provide safe nutritious food. We are in the human health business. Doctors and nurses are in the sickness business,” Wall said. “What is our most valuable asset? It’s not your farm, your stock or shares. It’s the health of your friends and family. You are in the human health business.”

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