VIV Asia: Pathway to Profits

Mar 27

Alltech VIV Asia 2013

Alltech VIV Asia 2013

Alltech was a key exhibitor at this year’s VIV Asia 2013. The Alltech booth provided a chance to connect with customers and showcase Alltech’s Pathway to Profits. Alltech professionals from around the region shared the latest developments in nutritional technology, focusing on On Farm Solutions, Algae, Nutrigenomics, Mycotoxin Management and a renewed focus on Crop Science.

As Matthew Smith, Alltech Director of Asia Pacific commented, “This year Alltech is focusing on the idea of a Pathway to Profit, exploring solutions that will reduce feed costs while at the same time, increasing performance and profitability.” 

Alltech Technical Hour

  1. Programs not Products, Solutions not Questions: Alltech’s Pathway to Profits - Matthew Smith, Asia-Pacific Director, Alltech
  2. Mycotoxin Management: Advice from the Expert Dr. Trevor Smith, Professor of Guelph University, Canada
  3. The Launching of Alltech’s New Solution: Mycosorb A+  - Dr. Nattawadee Jantasila, Technical Support - Mycotoxin Management Team, Alltech
  4. Algae & DHA Opportunity: The Future of the Planet? - Dr. Alison Leary, Asia-Pacific Technical Manager, Alltech
  5. 10 New On Farm Solutions Powered by The Gene Chip – Arturo Frio, Asia-Pacific Business Development Manager - Swine, Alltech

Launching Mycosorb A+

Alltech launched Mycosorb A+, the next generation of mycotoxin binder which, together with the expanded Mycotoxin Management Program, is expected to revolutionise mycotoxin management.

Alltech’s Food Safety Dinner

A highlight of the week was the Entrepreneurial Dinner which focused on Food Safety.  More than 150 industry leaders attended the dinner event where the impact of recent crises and food safety scares on consumer confidence was openly discussed. Attendees enjoyed a taste of Alltech’s Kentucky Ale and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale while networking with fellow delegates

The panel was composed of suppliers to the feed industry, integrated meat companies and a nutritionist involved with auditing meat and feed companies:  Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech’s Vice-President of Corporate Affairs; Jon Ratcliff, Food and Agriculture Consultancy Services and Philip Wilkinson, Director of the British Poultry Council and Executive Director of 2 Sisters Food Group.

Dr. Mark Lyons gave an overview of crisis management, noting the recent broiler issues that have arisen in China and the actions of Yum! Brands and McDonald's.  Aidan Connolly, Alltech’s Vice-President of Corporate Accounts, then opened the panel discussion, asking questions on a variety of issues related to food safety and crisis management. The panelists focused on the need for companies all along the food chain to take responsibility in producing products that are safe and traceable. Questions were taken from the audience making it a truly interactive program. 

In the closing comments, Mr. Wilkinson said, “The food industry has a lot to be proud of.  The developed world is living longer and is healthier than ever before.  We don't need to be defensive. We are always looking to be safer, but really, our industry is doing a great job."

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