A visit with Javier Neira, the owner of GANADERIA VIEITO

Jun 20
A visit with Javier Neira, the owner of GANADERIA VIEITO Javier's robot helps him anticipate problems in the herd.

We were on farm this week and visited Javier Neira, the owner of GANADERIA VIEITO. Javier owns a 25 hectare farm with 60 cows and one full time employee. He has been using a milking robot for the last two years and it has significantly changed Javier's management approach.

During our visit, Javier showed us his office and the reports he receives from the milking robot, which enable him to plan ahead for different tasks and anticipate any potential problems that may arise in the herd. His aim is to achieve the maximum amount of milk from his forage.

A new calf

Javier became the farm manager at 26 when he inherited the family business. His passion for cattle and caring for the environment are part of his way of life. His aim each day is to watch his cattle grow healthy, feed them properly and get the best production results from them thanks to the feed quality he provides.

During our visit we had the pleasure of learning about the future of the farm and witnessed the birth of a new calf.

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