The Value of an Agriculture Degree

May 20

AgCareers and Student Activities at Symposium

Earlier this year Yahoo’s Education site published a list of “useless” college degrees. Agriculture was at the top of the list. Animal Science came in fourth and Horticulture was number 5. The list is based on conclusions made by Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., author of "The 10 Best College Majors for Your Personality."  He analyzed and interpreted U.S. Department of Labor statistics.

The world’s population is predicted to reach 9 to 10 billion people by the year 2050. Agriculture will be tasked with producing food, fiber and renewable energy for that population. It is hard to imagine how that will happen without job growth in the agriculture industry.

I had the chance to talk to Eric Spell, President of at IPE this year. He is in a pretty good position to judge the value of an agriculture degree. Ag Careers posts about 40,000 ag-related jobs per year on their website and processes about 10,000 applications. In this brief interview, Spell provides statistics from USDA and that contradict Shatkin’s assessment.

Beth Hales and Ashley Collins from Ag Careers will be at Alltech’s Symposium this week. Look for them in one of our student-focused evening activities or contact them at

Student Events at Alltech's 28th Symposium

  • Sunday Night Welcome Dinner - Communication Beyond the Classroom
  • Tuesday Night Discussion Dinner - Career Discovery. Achieving Excellence & Making A Difference

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