UK Basketball Player Willie Cauley-Stein and ESPN Shine Spotlight on Declan Coyle’s "The Green Platform"

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Apr 07

Declan Coyle - The Green Platform

Declan Coyle talks about living life on "The Green Platform," at Alltech's Symposium in 2011.

The University of Kentucky Wildcats have had a historic run in the NCAA tournament. No doubt there have been many factors that contributed to their amazing post-season reversal of fortune. However, on ESPN’s SportsCenter Saturday night, commentator Rece Davis speculated that a team reading assignment might have had something to do with it. He explained that Coach Cal had given copies of the inspirational book, The Green Platform a few weeks ago to his team.

Authored by internationally-renowned inspirational speaker and Alltech leadership consultant Declan Coyle, the book outlines how to switch from negative “Red Platform” thinking to positive “Green Platform” thinking.

UK basketball player Willie Cauley-Stein revealed to Louisville’s The Courier-Journal that Coyle had spent some time meeting with the Wildcats team to discuss the book, following some of their toughest game losses.  “[The Green Platform], it’s all about how you think, your subconscious, [and] changing the way you think,” Cauley-Stein said. “That’s basically all it was, to get us to think different.”  

Coyle has worked with Alltech for several years to help employees and business partners unleash their true potential by staying on The Green Platform.

In this video, Coyle speaks at Alltech’s 2011 Symposium on the book and the philosophy that he calls “The Life-changing Game Changer.”  

Declan Coyle’s “The Green Platform” book can be purchased here.

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