Transparency on Hickman's Family Farms

Written by: Calah Ford

Jan 10

Growing from 50 layers to 4 million layers, Hickman's Family Farm in Arizona is an example of how being transparent can not only boost a company's image, but their sales as well. People want to know where their food comes from and they want to feel good about it. Allowing the end consumer into the farmer's world can earn their trust and loyalty, and in turn, their business. Clint Hickman and his family farm have taken this challenge head on, teaching lessons along the way. In an act of true transparency, Hickman's Family Farm invited Mike Rowe and the crew of Dirty Jobs to tour their farm for all of America to see. You can watch the feature below.

Be Visible
The first step to being transparent is being visible. Luckily, in a world teeming with social media, making a company visible has never been easier! Companies can make a Facebook page, post to Twitter, or write a blog, whichever venue most authentically represents the brand as both a company and as a personality.

Paint a Picture
Increase transparency by releasing pictures and videos of business practices in action and inviting consumers to visit if possible.  Allowing visitors into the business internalizes and enhances the company's brand and message.  Be as transparent as possible while maintaining safe and sanitary practices.

Get Involved
It's essential that companies show consumers they care about more than the bottom line by becoming involved in their communities. By connecting to consumers, a brand can become part of their lives...and grocery lists!

  • Reach out to the consumer
  • Tell your story
  • Attend events
  • Sit on advisory boards
  • Do well by doing good

About Clint Hickman
Clint Hickman is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for his company, Hickman's Family Farms, based in Buckeye, Arizona.  He graduated from the University of Arizona with a marketing degree, and has worked with Hickman's Family Farms since.  Currently he is Chairman of the Consumer Marketing Committee with the American Egg Board.  He is also President of the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association. 

Visit their website for more information about Hickman's Family Farm.

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