Tomorrow's World: Looking Into the Future with Algae Applications

Jan 28

Becky Timmons on DHA

Becky Timmons, Director of Applications Research and Quality Assurance, discusses the importance of DHA at Alltech's Global 500.

The world’s population is quickly increasing, by the year 2050 the population is expected to increase to 9 billion people! High quality protein and other nutrients are needed to feed this growing population as the current food system in place cannot sustain this influx. Becky Timmons of Alltech, sees this challenge as an opportunity for the agriculture industry to sustainably provide the necessary nutrients for this growing population.

Fish are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain and eye development, cognitive health, and immunity. Due to lower availability, high costs and quality issues of fish meal and fish oil, raw materials are being replaced by vegetable sources in the production of farmed fish.  This leads to lower levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in the meat.  It is suggested that adults eat twice as much fish compared to 2005 to receive the same nutritional benefits. This is a unique opportunity for the feed industry to develop value-added solutions. 

Value-added products are an area of interest. Timmons recently spoke at Alltech’s Global 500 on the possibilities for alternative, value-added enriched meat, milk and eggs. These types of products are already present in niche markets. They are fortified with fish oil or algal oil after production. This can affect the taste, smell and rancidity of the final product.  Timmons’ idea is simple: feed the animals and see the algal benefits come through in the meat.  Alltech has conducted trials and seen significant uptake of Omega-3 fatty acids in meat in various species.

Timmons explains the benefits from adding Alltech SP1 into poultry diets and the opportunities for value-added solutions at IPPE later this month. Timmons explains:

 “Consider what your opportunities are and do not be afraid of science and forward thinking, stay curious! Look forward and say if there is a challenge then there is also an opportunity.  There is a way for us to differentiate ourselves in those times of challenge.”

To learn more on about algal opportunities, please stop by the Alltech booth (#1411) at IPPE, Jan 29-31 or email us at

About Becky Timmons:
Becky Timmons is the Global Director of Applications Research and Quality Assurance for Alltech.  She holds degrees in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Kentucky and recently completed her MSc degree at Heriot Watt University, Scotland, in brewing, distillation and grain technology.  In the area of business education, she has recently completed an advanced business studies program.

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