There’s No Place Better than Kentucky for Entrepreneurs

May 22
There’s No Place Better than Kentucky for Entrepreneurs There’s No Place Better than Kentucky for Entrepreneurs

The room was packed with more than 400 business enthusiasts who came to hear Jim Host and Dr. Pearse Lyons speak at today’s Kentucky Entrepreneurial Seminar. Host and Lyons, both entrepreneurs and game changers in their respective industries, shared their experiences which led them to where they are now.

The session began with Jim Host, founder and CEO of Host Communications and iHigh. Host provided some comic relief while sharing anecdotes about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  His motivation comes as much from a love for business as it does from a love for life. Host stated, “I wake up because I can’t sleep fast enough, because I love every minute of every day of life I have.”

Host left attendees with five rules of business to remember:

  1. 15 minutes ahead of time is on time and on time is late
  2. 80% of the sale is in preparation and 20% is in the presentation
  3. It’s either black or it’s white. If it’s in the grey, it is in the other person’s favor
  4. Under promise and over deliver on everything you do
  5. A positive attitude for a person is more important than a talent with no attitude or a bad one

Two additional rules were added which Host said were even more important.

  1. You do not lie or misrepresent about anything
  2. You do not steal or provide inaccurate expense reports

Dr. Lyons then began his talk by describing what the world of an entrepreneur is like. It’s a world of dissatisfaction. To be clear, it’s not one of disappointment but rather a commitment to achieving more. It’s also a world of constant re-invention. What are you going to do next and when will you do it? Dr. Lyons looked to Steve Jobs as a source of inspiration – a man on a constant pursuit for perfection.

Dr. Lyons had a hefty list of rules for entrepreneurs to remember.

  1. Quit or be fired. There is no stigma attached to quitting
  2. Take a chance, any chance. If you can, do it when you’re employed
  3. Don’t be tempted by the easy way out
  4. Don’t have a partner. Try and do it yourself first
  5. Money. Have enough money to support your family then borrow everything you can
  6. Sell, sell, sell. It’s honorable
  7. Use your expertise. Remember your friends and work them
  8. Appear to be successful. Start with yourself: image, attitude, confidence, humor
  9. Be prepared to change, but not your core
  10. Two ears, one mouth. Listen and take notes
  11. Create your own culture
  12. Train both yourself and your people
  13. Be prepared to change course
  14. Go early and go where others won’t
  15. If you’re going to sell, make sure it’s profitable
  16. Be curious
  17. Build a brand
  18. Stay away from the naysayers
  19. Be a leader
  20. Move quickly

Dr. Lyons concluded the seminar with a challenge to the 3 MBA programs at the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and University of Pikeville. Dr. Lyons announced that Alltech will offer a $20,000 prize to the best job idea.

The complete seminar can be viewed on the Alltech Ag Network.

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