Thanks for making Global 500 a great event

Dec 07

Global 500 Dairy and Beef Event 2012

Sights and sounds of the world's most progressive beef and dairy producers meeting at Alltech's Global 500 in 2012.

Thanks to everyone who attended Global 500 this year. You made the event a great success by contributing your knowledge and questions to the discussion. We appreciate how hard it is to take time out of your schedule for conferences, especially those of you who traveled many miles to join us.

We spoke to cattlemen and dairy farmers from all over the world and we will be posting the interviews here over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime please enjoy this short video with highlights from the event.

Take Home Messages from Dr. Lyons

1. The gene chip. What genes are switched on and off by certain nutrients, what is causing obesity? The gene chip is pinpointing again and again what is happening at a genetic level.

2. Closing the gap – There are two gaps that need to close. First, we must close the communication gap between ourselves and the consumer. Second, we must close the nutrition gap. Nutrition has not kept pace with genetics; the world is moving on and we need to catch up.

3. We have to start on the farm because it is there that we can make huge improvements. If we learn how to feed the plant then we can make a huge difference. Feeding the plant can give you a ton more grain per acre, a ton with higher starch and better protein, translating to more weight gain or more milk.

4. We need to remember that the rumen is a fermentor. As we fine tune this fermentor we can improve weight gain, produce lean meat and reduce pollution. The rumen must be fed all day, be it nitrogen or carbohydrates. That is why Optigen is such a success.

5. We learned that fertility is crucial and that we ought not to be culling our animals - DHA is important for animals and it comes from algae.

6. We learned about the perfect steak – nothing artificial, just feeding the animal properly.

7. Branding is our way of getting our ideas out there. Brand beef and milk to set it apart from the rest. We heard about the 8 rules of branding, but nothing starts until you take the first step. Be relentless, be consistent, be the first.

More Highlights from Global 500

Head to the Alltech Ag Network to relive Global 500. You can watch archived broadcasts and share them with your friends who weren't able to attend.

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