Student Leadership Celebrated at Alltech Student Dinner

May 21
Student Leadership Celebrated at Alltech Student Dinner Alltech Young Scientist Finalists at the Student Dinner during Symposium

Last night, students from around the globe gathered for an informal dinner that celebrated entrepreneurship and student leadership. In attendance were Alltech Ambassadors, the five Alltech Young Scientist competition finalists, and the Margin of Excellence PhD students, as well as students from numerous universities around the world. Suniti Mujumdar, Education Manager at Alltech, began the evening by discussing Alltech's educational initiatives including the new Alltech Graduate Program and the ever-growing Alltech Young Scientist competition.

This year, the Alltech Young Scientist competition had an amazing 8,000 registrants, the greatest number in the history of the competition. Maureen Crump, an Alltech Ambassador and former Young Scientist from the University of Guelph talked about the challenges and anxieties of going out into the world as a college student, using her own story as an example. Crump always worked with horses, but she nearly dropped out when faced by the difficult and numerous challenges of her competitive university.

When explaining why she stayed, Maureen cited her mother, who said to her, '[If you want to], go ahead and drop out. But what are you going to do then?' Crump explained that this reminded her that no matter what you do, whether you keep pushing or let yourself fall back, you are making a choice. In the end, Crump decided that she wasn't going to let the thrill of her initial acceptance to Guelph end on such a negative note. Her passionate address captivated the audience, and she received a standing ovation. Crump and the other young adults recognized during the event set a great example for everyone present, and encouraged students to reach for their dreams.

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