Stay Curious - NALT in Lexington, KY

Written by: William Hanrahan

Feb 27

NALT - What Did You Think?

Attendees at the Lexington, KY stop of Alltech's North American Lecture Tour give us their opinions about the lectures.

On Monday Feb 25th , the North American Lecture Tour (NALT) stopped in Lexington, KY. We had 136 total attendees who were inspired to “Stay Curious” about the future of agriculture from different backgrounds that included feed industry professionals, farmers, students, academics, government officials (including former Governor of Kentucky Paul Patton), vets, nutritionists and media.

Highlights from the session included a presentation on the value of branding from Paulo Rezende, Marketing Project Manager at Alltech and Kyle Raney discussed Alltech’s solutions to some of the biggest issues currently taking place in agriculture.

In case you missed the event you can see it on the Alltech Ag Network. For a complete schedule of Alltech’s lecture tour stops and additional information, visit the Alltech North American Lecture Tour site.

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