Social Farming - the Zweber Way

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Dec 14

Tim Zweber Interview

Tim Zweber of Zweber Farms, a family run business nestled in Elko, Minnesota, took a minute to talk to us about some of his challenges.

Zweber Farms is a family run business nestled in Elko, Minnesota. We had the pleasure of meeting Tim Zweber at Global 500, who along with his parents, wife Emily and three children manages their organic dairy business. They also raise beef, pork and chicken that they market directly to consumers so they’re a busy troop.

The Zweber family not only farm; they also share their farming experiences online through their websiteblogFacebook and Twitter pages. Needless to say, they are huge advocates of social media!

Tim spoke to us about his farm and how he, like many others, has had to deal with the drought this year.

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