Should Cows Tweet?

Jun 19

Interview with Greg Wickham

Greg Wickham is chief executive officer of Dairylea Cooperative Inc., a $1.2 billion milk marketing cooperative that offers farm services to farmers, including buying, lending, risk management and insurance.

No, of course not. Cows don’t have opposable thumbs, or fingers for that matter. Let alone… well, never mind.

Yet the fact still stands that the dairy industry must find new ways to tell its story. Since 1970, the demand for dairy in the US has been in constant decline and increased governmental regulations have compounded the difficulty of reaching a growingly disconnected consumer base.

This year, at Alltech’s 29th Annual International Symposium, Greg Wickham (CEO of DairyLea) tackled these issues head on as he outlined his thoughts on how the dairy industry can better market itself for the year 2020.

How can you market milk? – 4 Thoughts from Greg Wickham:

  • Establish a strong brand. Let’s take Chobani, for example. Their CEO and founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, spent 18 months crafting what he called “the perfect Greek Yogurt” focused on quality, health and taste. He then took his yogurt on the road and let his Go Real campaign build word of mouth support and strong brand recognition.
  • Find differentiation in your product. Clearly, not everyone can burst onto the scene and sell $1 billion worth of Greek Yogurt annually within their first 7 years like Chobani, but finding a way to differentiate your product is critical. Is it quality that drives your brand? Is it service? A cool story or local tradition? Whatever “it” is that separates you from your competition, hone in on that, and let it drive your brand.
  • Make your company or brand accessible. Whether through local events or online sources such as Facebook and company websites, engage directly with customers to answer questions and build support behind your products.
  • Continue to tell, and re-tell, your story through social media. Through this magical invention called “the internet,” consumers are more connected than ever, but unfortunately, more disconnected from the food they eat and the dairies that produce their milk. As a result, the dairy industry must lead the charge through social media to continually share their positive, engaging and delicious story.

So maybe cows should start Tweeting after all? For more information on Greg Wickham, click play to view his full Symposium interview on marketing dairy.

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