Robots, Drones, Big Data...Oh My!

Jun 09
Robots, Drones, Big Data...Oh My!

This year I was honored to be asked back to cover the events of Alltech's 30th Annual International Symposium as a guest blogger.  I absolutely love this event because it is full of information and actually keeps your attention.  (Which is normally a pretty hard task for know the classic hold your head up by resting it in on your hand in attempts to make it look like you aren't napping through the session?)  Yeah, that has yet to happen here! This year's Symposium was all about the "What if?"

I love technology and I love hearing about what is coming down the pipeline when it comes to awesome gadgets that will help the agriculture industry be more responsible and efficient.  During this year’s Alltech Symposium I got to hear about just that and the future is looking quite exciting!

My favorite session was: "A Farming Revolution," which discussed drones and GPS and what the possibilities look like. A majority of the drones which are available today to the average buyer are small drones with four propellers that have the ability to take a photo over your field or location. That is cool, and all has come a long way from where we were before in agriculture, which pretty much consisted of climbing the nearest silo or antenna tower to look out across the field and farm. 

Some of the other ideas of what the future of drones looks like were mind-boggling to me and made my inner tech geek excited!  One of them was drones that have the abiilty to keep real time over long periods of time by hovering over the field or farm (kind of like a blimp).  How great would it be to be able to see exactly when your crop started to mature or when a certain disease was spreading throughout your field?  That is valuable information to be able to capture. 

Another of my favorite ideas was having multiple... Continue reading at Dirt Road Charm

By: Taysha Reitzel, Guest Blogger

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