Raised on a Farm

Written by: William Hanrahan

Categories: Agriculture, Beef Cattle
Apr 15
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Rosemary Gambino is from Pattison, Texas which is 40 miles outside Houston. She lives with her family on Rose Hill Ranch www.santagertrudiscattle.com. They raise purebred Santa Gertrudis cattle and we sell bulls for herd sires, heifers for breeding stock, show heifers and calves sold as stockers. Third generation in the beef industry, Rosemary is currently the chairman of the National Beef Ambassador Program for American National CattleWomen, and her greatest honor was to serve as President of Texas CattleWomen.

Anabelle, 15 months old, already loves the cows and rides with her Pawpaw every day to feed. She is all set to follow in her father's footsteps. It is a very healthy and wholesome lifestyle with deep connections to the animals, the land, and our food. She is very grateful to have the opportunity to raise Anabelle on Rose Hill Ranch.

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