Quick tips to keep money in pig producers pockets this Spring

Mar 01
Quick tips to keep money in pig producers pockets this Spring

Happy National Pig Day!

Celebrate this year by saving money. Here are some quick tips on how you can get ready for spring and keep money in your pocket.

  • Start planning now – Invest in a risk management program that enables you to control your inputs and outputs.
  • Get more from less – Enzymes can help make more nutrients available to the pig, helping you get the most from your feed.
  • Lightning is coming, have your backup ready – Make sure you have your backup generator serviced and ready.
  • Get ready for the changing weather – Make sure your ventilation systems are cleaned and ready for the increasing temperature.
  • Stay on top of your rodent control program – For every one you see, there are many more you don’t.
  • Quench their thirst – As the temperature rises, water consumption will increase. Have you tested your water quality lately?
  • Feed with caution – With a mild winter in many areas, moisture may have helped generate mold in your feed bins. Check your feed quality for potentially harmful mycotoxins.
  • How does she look? – Body score your sows and adjust their feed accordingly.
  • Strengthen your armor – Spring means diseases are in the air; make sure you are building your disease defenses and following your veterinary health recommendations.

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