Promoting Reproductive Efficiency in Pigs

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May 19
Promoting Reproductive Efficiency in Pigs

Forty pigs or 2 tons of meat per sow by 2020 - is that realistic and if so, what will it do to the reproductive performance of our sows?

The fertility session at GLIMPSE 2020, the 29th Alltech Annual International Symposium, is addressing difficult questions with the top reproduction experts from all parts of the world.  From technical to practical applications, this year’s session offers a variety of ideas and objectives from across the globe, all focusing on one thing: promoting reproductive efficiency in pigs.

Dr. John Sonderman with Danbred, North America, sets the stage on Tuesday afternoon.  Dr. Sonderman’s 10 years experience working in the U.S. feed industry in the area of nutrition and reproductive management has given him a global perspective on reproductive hurdles in pigs.  Dr. George Foxcroft, Kin Fox Consulting, an expert in embryo management and mortality in sows will discuss the effect immune function can have on a herd’s reproductive capability. 

Nutrition can play a crucial role on fertility in pigs, and Dr. Bill Close, Close Consultancy, will be covering the topic of feeding an animal to reach reproductive efficiency and make sure that we optimize lifetime performance. David Henman, Rivalea Australia, works for the largest producer in Australia with 50,000 sows and he will be bringing all the suggestions to a conclusion on what this means practically on the pig farm. 

The future for pigs is maximum production and peak efficiency, but what effect will that have on the reproductive function of that animal?  Is it possible to have a sow producing 40 piglets per year or two tons of meat?  Don’t miss the opportunity to investigate and debate these issues at the Alltech 29th Annual International Symposium, May 19-22, in Lexington, Ky.  More details on our pig and dairy cow fertility sessions.

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