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Jan 23
Positively Poultry Melissa Evans and Celeste McGarvey with a hen.

As January is coming to a close, many people have already started to renege on their New Year’s resolutions. But fear not fellow agvocates! In keeping with David’s suggestions at the start of the year, here is a great way to continue to promote agriculture and spread the positive message of farming. Let’s focus on the poultry industry.

As many people know, the majority of poultry livestock are housed and raised indoors. This has caused people outside the industry to frown upon this style of farming, which in turn, has led to some consumers questioning their chicken meat and egg purchasing habits at the grocery store. What we all need to remember is that in order to stimulate a more natural setting, chickens raised in houses have tightly regulated air flow and ventilation, lighting, litter quality, temperature, etc. All of these factors are important to maintain a healthy environment for these birds to flourish. Flocks also have a person who is dedicated full time to creating a well balanced nutritious diet, which is tailored to every growth stage of their life. Farmers and producers want only the best for their chickens and the highest quality products for consumers.

At IPPE in Atlanta next week, producers from around the world will come together to learn more about how to best care for their birds. During the event, Alltech will be hosting our first ever poultry Farms in Focus online contest. If you are passionate about spreading a more favorable image of poultry farming, why not show the world and submit a photo reflecting the topic “What the poultry industry means to you”?

So fellow agvocates, help us to spread a positive message about the poultry industry by means of a photograph. After all ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

For more information regarding IPPE go to www.ipe13.org

For more information regarding Alltech’s Farms in Focus contest go to www.alltech.com/farmsinfocus

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