Nuffield Scholar Thinks Beef Has an Advantage

Written by: Ben Jones

Nov 25

Ed Green at Global 500 2013

Ed Green talks about the advantages of grass-fed beef at Alltech's 2013 edition of Global 500.

English beef farmer Ed Green sees the competition, and he has a game plan. Green is a Nuffield Scholar who spoke at Global 500 this year about how beef can adapt to change in a global food culture.

As beef farmers try to find ways to promote their product against poultry and other sources of protein, Green sees an advantage. Grass-fed beef is noted for its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, considered essential fatty acids to human health.

Farmers at Alltech’s Global 500 in Dublin this October had the opportunity to tour several farms in Ireland, where grass is the primary source of feed for many beef and dairy cows. As if the added omega-3 wasn’t enough of a benefit, grass is also among the cheapest feed farmers can provide to cattle. As Green notes, grass-fed beef has a great story to tell and a great way to compete with leaner proteins.

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